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Haunah Rose


Country: US

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Haunah Rose

Trade with me? :)

Things that I am willing to trade:...
@Haunah Rose 7 years ago - Comments: 4

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A year and two months
Becoming one with the woods
11 months
10 months!!
Felix and I!
Playing with sticks
A dread!
Walks in the creek
my sweet Ebony


03/22/12 03:46:23AM @camilla:

Hi Thanks for you want to be my friend :)

01/19/12 09:11:32PM @sambo:
Haunah you left a beautiful message on my wall and I feel awful I haven't seen it till today :( I'm so sorry! And thank you so much, your dreads are looking awesome. Peace and love sister:)

01/17/12 06:06:59PM @anamal:

ahh, thanks so much girl! you and your hair are beautiful as well :) partial dreads were fun but I'm excited to let the rest lock up since the past two and half years or so has just been a battle between me and my super prone to locking hair (which wasn't helped by the fact that I wouldn't brush it for months at a time, haha).

Nathan Hammond
01/16/12 10:32:53PM @nathan-hammond:

Thanks for the kind words! Wow you and your dreads are beautiful! Hope to see you at the Rainbow Gathering! Peace and blessings.

01/06/12 05:38:23PM @foxpaw:

thank you miss!!!

12/15/11 01:54:00PM @hippyfish:

Haunah, that's ok, I do the same thing... it's like I don't know where to look to see people's comments or they just somehow get missed lol, no worries Mine are doing pretty good now, today is actually 4 months for me (need to take pics) and aside from some occasional separating, all I do is just let em be :) How about yours??

10/10/11 06:09:37PM @hippyfish:

Cool we are around the same time frame on our natural dread journey... I began mine on August 25th! Good luck in your journey!

10/03/11 09:55:31PM @fish:

AAAHHH PNW all the same! I got buddies from around there. Not from Hoquim by any chance are ya?

10/02/11 06:29:20PM @fish:

Seattle dreads are mos def underrepresented here! Woot to the 206!

Sian Thompson
09/17/11 02:01:28PM @sian-thompson:

Thanks for replying! Your dread journey will be amazing, all the best in the future and much love, sister :) xxx

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