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the spiritual/religious dread

wether rasta or buddhist hindu or other this is the place to share philosophical and spiritual reasonings together no confrontations

Members: 271
Latest Activity: Sep 20

the spiritual dread journey

this is a place for all to discuss the spiritual or religious significance of theyre dreadlocks. without judgment

the religious aspects of dreading are often misunderstood . the average person associates dreads only with rastafarians, however most religions have dreads as part of theyre teachings wether they practice it actively or not.

here we can talk about all forms of religious or spiritual dreading
the subject can be deeply personal, and all religious people like to assume they are 100% right therefore all others wrong.

here lets strive to find our common ground instead of focusing on differences. be respectful of all other views

remember no matter how sure we are that we on the side of ritousness we are just humans we don't know it all and we can learn from eachother.

Dreadlocks Discussion Forum

dream interpretation..

Started by Nova taylor. Last reply by Marissa Victoria Jan 27. 1 Reply

Word of the Lord?

Started by Marcellus Wallace. Last reply by Marcellus Wallace Jan 28, 2013. 2 Replies

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vip supporters
Comment by hippiegal on April 23, 2012 at 6:01pm

Namaste, to everyone here. Welcome, Nova, to this group for seekers and explorers. Like Celticbrown, I'm also wary of man-made religions - or at least those that regard human life as more sacred than all other life on Earth - and in the universe. Despite the seeming differences, we are all One in Spirit. It may sound like a New Age cliche, but to me it's a deep truth. 

vip supporters
Comment by Amma Niradhara on April 23, 2012 at 8:45am

Namaste ! welcome all you newbee-dredded ones to this group. taylor flowerchild, hippiegal, wayne et al..   i have been off and on here since SE began this gig.  (mostly off lately) but today popping in and seeing all the beautiful people is heartwarming!  <3  i am an interfaith minister and yogini / fire priestess working overseas for a few years now dividing time between 3 countries and 2 states (when im in the US) - so really appreciate an online community like this.  i have been on my path for a LOOOOOng time so i really love being in touch with fresh energy and ideas it puts me back in touch w my own beginner mind which is always the place you wanna be on the trip  : )

 heres a peek at what i have been doing this month 

☮ peace ♥.¸¸.• pax » SALAM  ✰  asante  ✿  amani ◕ OM ॐ  shantih ☆ shalom ☮ selah <3  HOTEP ! may there be PEACE ! Al-Salam world peace ! In šāʾ Allāh as God wills - let it be now! ƸӜƷ

✰`(*.¸ (*.¸ *.¸♥ Sat Nam ♥¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*) ✰

Comment by Nova taylor on April 23, 2012 at 8:16am

i am new to the site and came across this page.. after reading through some of the comments i fell this is the perfect group to join.

i have recently (The past year) been studying differant religions and forms of spirituality and have come not to classify myself as one religion but have taken differant ideas that seem to speak to me and strarted to concentrate on those things...

i seem to be drawn twards hindu beliefs and native american spirituality and the belief that every object (inanimate or animate) has a soul and the ideas of reincarnation.

i do not feel i have to say i am this or that, and someone who has a differant belief then me is wrong. i feel that what is right for me may not be right for someone else (and vise versa). the differances in everyones personality and life experiances may lead them to a differant path and beliefs then you may have, but i dont feel that makes them wrong.. it just makes them differant, and that is beautiful.

i fell we need to concentrate on loveing the differances in everyone and being more open to learn of others experiances and beliefs and maybe we could learn from each other insead of hating because of a differant belief.

vip supporters
Comment by hippiegal on August 1, 2011 at 7:55pm

After reading some of the comments in this group, I've been blown out by the depth and open-mindedness of everybody here. I'm not sure yet what spiritual lesson lies behind the urge to let my hair dread, but no doubt the insights will come as my dreads grow. 


I don't belong to any particular spiritual tradition. To me, what people put out is more important than what they call their path. That applies to myself as well. I feel closest to God/Goddess in nature and in significant relationships. I know my life is guided by more than my self-willed decisions, and that I'm looked after, even through all the blunders that I make from time to time.


Right now I've been feeling the urge to simplify my life. I've recently given away a lot of stuff that was once useful to me. Now I'll let it be useful to someone else. It's an exciting process, a little scary, and I'm not sure who I'll be this time next year. ;) Anyone else ever have that feeling? 


Love, peace and blessings to you all.

Comment by wayne on July 19, 2011 at 3:11pm

Hummm religion  just sounds like a bad word lol..    spirituality  sounds a little closer..this is my thinkin on the subject.

   but if u have compaired the religions they are all remarkably simular.  now have to strip away all of the practices and rituals  and get to to the root of each one.  they all have the same  princibles  do on to others....   thou shall not kill .... steal... covet.... adultery so on so forth all have these rules.  simply put they are all basicly the same.   and most  have a simpler is beter ideal. want u to be as close to mother earth as possible.leave all materialistic things behind.  

if u have ever done this or even reduced your dependency one materials then your mind is clear. u feel as if a weight has been lifted.  u are able to foucuse on simpler matters.  and u dont accually desire for anything strang thiung in my wounderings. i found that all was provided, mana  or what ever shape it may take. a sleeping bag on a cold night out of no were.  a pair of pants right after i just ripped the ass out of mine  take fit!!!!!

but when u are full of lust over materialistic things u wouldnt even notice these gifts or blessings

but all religions have this in common.


so how to narrow it down then.   

cant really take any thing for truth when reading a holy book.

can take away lessons, beware of that as well.    

all religions also have this in comin.  

man wrote them and has kept them and modified them since there creation. whether devinly inspired or not.


so i have to take it that all religions the laws that all humans have locked in them   like dna.   the diffrent religions sprang up to suite the population of a certine region and customs.


so as a sum up follow your heart and the laws with in it.   be as close to nature as u can. never take a moment for granted. dont let the simple things in life escape u like a sun set, or the symphony of life that always has a song playing. remberwhen a chance comes apon u u only live once maby old souls ? 

live the glolden rule do to others how u wish to be done to u

carma   if your good good will happen if your bad.............


Comment by Flyin Star on June 26, 2011 at 10:02pm
drama free and religion in the same place now that is peaceful! so many have such a hard time hearing what others beliefs are but they should be shared! its so beautiful how different we all perceve the world and everything sourronding us! i am a very spiritual being and believe in soul age. This is why i believe one can be the same age as another but they are so very different in the experience of life cuz of their soul age. making it hard for us to understand eachother. i only believe this cuz of my own experience in my soon to be ex husband and i could never understand eachother. we always took eachother wrong and our paths were so far apart. he was very materialist. but as i was saying we all have been here many times and take what we learn from each life on to the next. each life is almost planned out. now we dont always follow plans but that is the fun part! Just living... even the stuff we fear is all apart of why we are here! The universe is such a magnifacint place! i could go on and on but i wont for now and sorry bout my spelling i dont dare try to correct it right now :)
Comment by Celticbrown on June 9, 2011 at 12:10am
I have no....religion, but I do have a faith in Mother Earth and Father Sky. I feel that any man made religion is a pit for evil to breed unnoticed by the believers. I do however believe that we choose a path to walk and this path leads to what we will become. Each tree, plant, animal, and person we meet along the way will help guide us and teach us new ways of life. But we have to listen to them and open not just our heart, but our minds and souls. Even in the toughest places and darkest pits we must always remember love....cause love of life and humanity is true freedom of life. There is not one man or being that can tell you who and what you is only up to us...Mother shows us different path and while Father lights the path we choose. To me the simple things in life, like the wind upon my face, the smile of a child playing with baby ducks, the kiss of dew between my toes, and the whisper of the night is all the proof you need to know that life is live and we are all apart of it. Any man made religion is a danger to Mother Earth....because it will only take from her and the ones that believe in it. You must find and follow your own path and not be the ant following the other ant. It is hard to release the stamped ideas of religion that we have seen and heard each day of our lives...but it is the only way to free yourself from the bonds of mankind.
Comment by Anthoney Michael Vazquez on March 22, 2011 at 10:49pm
im sort of a member of the Baha'i faith, for all who do not know, the Baha'i faith is a religion in which we beleive that all religions have vital and relevant teachings and that all of the "profits" of god are the same essence, the same being just in a different form that would apeal to society at that time, therefore we do not discriminate over things like whos right or wrong, we have a seed of belief rooted in every religion so instead of fighting wars over religion (which is so stupid as is) we join together as one to try to rid ourselves of all of the hate !
Comment by Reed A Dehler on February 20, 2011 at 8:16pm

Tolerance. I feel its key, at least for myself.  I've found for myself the illusion(conventional thought) and reality (ultimate truth).  This is a good subject to meditate on.

W love : )

Comment by Trina Sandress on December 21, 2010 at 10:02pm
I believe in the Goddess.  Mother Earth is love and nature.  Vibrating with the feminine energy that for me means kindness and caring. I was forced to go to Sunday school and became very aware that for me following scriptures in the bible was not for me. I would ask the Sunday school teacher questions but she was just answer me in a condescending tone.  Not one mention of the Goddess or Mother Nature.

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