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"Not necessarily true and uniform twist and rip. I done twist and rip on my own hair but pulled out…"
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"well, what I was trying to say was that people who go into a shop and have their hair twist and…"
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I want to share something that is comical to me. First, let me start out by saying that I am not…See More
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"update 1 year dread anniversary, and month 13. BOB GNARLY LOCS"
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Crystal Longseth replied to Crystal Longseth's discussion Hello there
"I got my Dreadlock shampoo in a week or two ago and I love it so much! My hair is still pretty…"
18 hours ago
i started by not brushing my hair any more for about two weeks to a month and just washing it as normal even though i was still using conditioner my hair wanted to start klumping into differentstrands and i finaaly decided to back comb the strands that were klumping now my hair is a bit more messy looking. if these dont stay i think i might just leave the hair alone and let them just do what it is going to do. so far my best moments with my hair are right after sleeping on it . it gets the best klumps and tightens the most then.

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I haven't used a comb/brush in 20 days! I look like a beach bum and I love it. Don't have to do anything about my hair , just walk out the front door.. so simple lol I would also say best parts is the waking up part and you think '' yeah I had a good nights sleep'' haha I just use the sea salt spray every so often like maybe every 2 or 3 days.
it has been about a week now and some of the backcombed hair has come undone and started forming its own littler strands but for the most part alot of it seems to be well formed strands. so far im very happy with my results. i am surprised i never did this before. every one always told me to brush my hair and the most i ever would do with it was run my fingers through it. or just shove it in my hoody. it has tried before i just never bothered to let it have its own mind till now. it is so comfy to sleep on my hair is so much softer. i think my hair is going to take to this real fast since before i stoped brushing i would have to brush at least twice a day to keep it from klumping or forming its own strands and getting real tangled.
I love my messy hair! I was in the hospital this past weekend and everyone that came in to monitor me or do tests asked the same question "do you need any hygiene products?" lmao I didn't tell anyone about my dread process, I rather enjoyed them thinking I was just some unkempt hippy! I actually had one lady tell me that I should take a shower. I know I did NOT smell bad, they just kept looking at my hair, it was hilarious!
i just have my dreads around 3 weeks ago, friends and family not seems to like it much, but there are few of them think its cool as i think it too. but i got alot of negative statement, like when i walk beside suck people, they mocking me my hair looked like broom. sigh. sometimes i feel like giving up to grow this dreads but i try to have my strength back, to keep this dreads until its mature.
Not picking my hair has helped me increase my confidence. It just sucks when my mom complains. It gets real old fast.

ive found real satisfaction with not combing or worrying about my hair... My girlfriend who backcombed her dreads still does not beleive that  non african hair will dread with out any sort of "jump start"   So i just love it more and more everyday when little loops and dread babies start popping up. It truly is a magical process; u do nothing, but gain so much  :) love you all and ur messy heads!

Hello all! Threw away my comb just a few days ago, and really excited what will happen. :) it helps a lot to read your experiences :) patience is the key word I think though I adore messy hair.

im just lovin the chill vibes my hair is sendin out man, it's awsome. one thing you gotta do make sure love is the first priority. the more love you show to peoplethe more healthy and you'll be and your locks will trap that energy and form much stronger much nicer to your liking. my hair is messy and curly now it's cool people are complimenting me how my locks are forming it's a great feeling. =]{:{ )


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