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Lauryn Dowding replied to GoldiLocs's discussion 14 months natural dreads timeline
"Seriously gorgeous locks, they really suit you and look amazing. Peace and Love."
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"I understand your pain that must be really frustrating, you could always just twist and rip then…"
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"I love the beads! I actually especially like the big one in the 10 month photos :)"
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Help me get my mind stright.

I do not know what to do ... Now that I've finally taken the plunge and started what I have been…See More
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Day 1 vs Day 52

My hair is still going strong, haven't seen as much shrinkage as there was at about 4 weeks, but…
15 hours ago

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"the frizz gets better over time the only way to temp control it thats safe and wont just cause more…"
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Day 3 ends, but the journey continues on.

A picture from the end of day 3 of not doing anything to my hair, but yesterday was the first day…
16 hours ago

O.K., here's the deal. So many of us seem to be intimidated by the thought of a natural brow (and yes, in my case it will be singular brow!). So, in a bit of an experiment, I'm going to post a different sort of timeline to what we usually see around here. I'm throwing away the tweezers! Tomorrow morning I'll put up a picture of my brows as they are right now - they're a bit untidy, but generally not too bad. I'm not going to touch them until they're completely grown in, which could be a while. Then I'll decide whether to keep them natural for good, or if I just have to cave to my vanity.


Wish me luck!

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LUCK!!!!!!!!!!  I'm inspired...  I'll be watching.

Just yesterday I was thinking about how I don't shave anything, but I don't think I could stop plucking my brows.  That's a hard one for me.



I've discovered so far that it's really hard to take a clear picture of your own brows! These were the best I could get:


A bit unruly on the right there...I think thats just cause I haven't brushed the hairs into place, not because there's extra hair there. You can't see in the photos, but I have some growth coming in fast between my brows. Why is it that that hair grows super fast, but the hair in the bulk and length of the brow is excruciatingly slow?


Anyway, there's something psychological going on here. As soon as I knew I'd committed to no grooming, I desperately wanted to pull out the tweezers, haha!

Good luck! I can't wait to see what happens :D I'm another one of those who have a hard time letting brows really grow in. I leave mine relatively thick already, but I feel compelled to keep them as two brows instead of one!
Good luck! I have PCOS, which means that my androgen level is higher than it should be as a woman. So despite the fact that I don't shave anything (and my eyebrows just keep themselves in line) I find that I have to pull out about 20 or 30 hairs on my chin... I'm trying to be okay with it but I just CAN'T. Sometimes I let it go and sometimes it just has to go. So, we'll still love you as you are, bald between the eyes or not!

For some reason this makes me think of Frida Kahlo.  Probably because her brow hair was so publicly discussed.  She was an inspiringly strong, talented, willful, amazing woman, so full of life and character.  And still people had to discuss her brow hair.  It's a difficult transition to make for sure.  I have nothing close to a unibrow when I don't pluck, but still I have this neeeeeed to pluck. 


It makes me sad when I do it.  Really.  I wish that I felt strong enough, loved myself enough to believe that it was a silly, painful thing to inflict and not do it.   I wish that I had a better answer for my kids when they ask me "WHY are you doing that??"  When they notice that I don't wear a bra around the house, but I do when we go to town, or that I don't mess with my brows at home, but I do before we go to town, I notice to and have to admit that it isn't so much that I'm doing it for me.   That's what makes me sad.


I never understood why people feel the need to abuse their eyebrows. I've never touched mine, and they're just fine. XD

Back in highschool, I learned about plucking eyebrows for the first time, being that I was transplanted from a rural schooll to a 5A I went home and shaved mine off...and proceeded to look like a freak till they finally grew back in...did a bit of plucking for a few years, and about a year ago, just let em go back to normal. Now I love them, and couldn't imagine my face any other way!!! <3


i think i look weird with my brows waxed and i see it as pointless pain. i like how they look normally

I grew mine in more then they have ever been however I still pluck a little...I am a closet plucker & picker very bad disorder to have so I dont know if I could give up my tweezers 


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