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crafty crafters
Koko Earthling replied to Koko Earthling's discussion Methods for "tidying up" young dreads
"I know what you mean! Some people like my manager for example still  say theyre not real…"
46 minutes ago
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Sissy MacK replied to Sissy MacK's discussion Just Wanted to Say "Hi."
"The only soap I use is Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild...head to toe:-)  "
48 minutes ago

crafty crafters
Koko Earthling replied to Samantha Zimmerly's discussion Day 3 and need advice.
"Yes, don't fret! Loose roots and loose ends are prevalent even in mature locks. Think of it…"
53 minutes ago

crafty crafters
Koko Earthling replied to Sissy MacK's discussion Just Wanted to Say "Hi."
"Namaste friend! :) Great decision,- give some thought to giving up toxic chemicals in shampoo and…"
57 minutes ago

crafty crafters
Koko Earthling posted a photo

Chillin' on this grey day

Keeping my hands busy, making some dreadwraps ^_^
1 hour ago
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1 hour ago
Sissy MacK posted a discussion

Just Wanted to Say "Hi."

Hey!  I am new to both dreading and this site, so I wanted to say "Good Morning" and introduce…See More
1 hour ago
Sissy MacK commented on Naya Friel's video

Growing locks from short hair

"That's the length my hair is now and I just started dreading this week.  She also has…"
1 hour ago

crafty crafters
Koko Earthling replied to ☮ soaring eagle ॐ's discussion emissaries of light in the group dreadlockssite superheroes
"Hey SE, I'm late in the game, but I want to help with something! I sent ya a message on here,…"
1 hour ago
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1 hour ago
Samantha Schnaiter posted a discussion

Flaky scalp, help!

Hey y'all! I started my journey 2.5 months ago and am really struggling with flaky scalp. I've…See More
1 hour ago
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1 hour ago

dread gurus
taye commented on Gypsy Vin Rose's photo


"I love Vicki's dread bars. The dragon's blood smells so good. I use that most of the…"
2 hours ago

crafty crafters
Koko Earthling loved ☮ soaring eagle ॐ's discussion emissaries of light
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dread gurus
taye left a comment for Gypsy Vin Rose
"I wear thermal underwear in the winter. I have at least a dozen pair. If it is really cold I will…"
2 hours ago

crafty crafters
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crafty crafters
Koko Earthling replied to Chelsea Maeve's discussion Help
"Hey,they really don't look so bad! :) The answer to your problem is time, dear. Crocheting,…"
2 hours ago
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12 hours ago
NaturalDreads01 and Samantha Zimmerly are now friends
13 hours ago
recently started spinning.. and loving it. im still on practice poi, but am curious to know how long you more experienced spinners had been spinning before actually burning.. or any recommendations before starting to burn. im feeling pretty comfortable with them already (maybe too comfortable).
also curious if any of you have personal fav patterns you like to do.

Tags: beginners, poi, spinning

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Replies to This Discussion

Just my opinion, but I would say once you get a couple of basic things down were you're not hitting youself and it feels pretty natural without taking too much concentration you're probably good to light up, BUT I would definately make sure you have an experienced fire spinner who knows how to properly safety you, and teach you fire safety. There are alot of websites that discuse proper fire safety for fire performers. I think home of poi has an online video, or maybe check some fire performer websites like LA Burn Club, or FireGroove they may have info or links. Where do you live?
many thanks for the advice. im currently in ohio. i will be ordering some fire poi from HoP soon so i can get used the weight and handles. will also be adding some tails to the ones i have to see how my planes are doing. ill def check out some fire safety vids and see if i can try to hookup with someone in the area. lots of questions about weights and heads before i order :x
im still brushing myself when im in the dark every 10 minutes or so.. still wobbling planes on flowers and such.. still much play to be done before burning. this gives me a great place to start and direction to head. ty.
Robb had good advice. I practiced for about 2 months before I started playing with fire, but I'd spun fire hoop before I began learning poi. I'd say once you stop hitting yourself in the face your fine lol
Really, you can hit yourself with them when they're on fire. They're covered in an oil that burns off, so if you do catch yourself on fire, it's easily dealt with. This doesn't mean you don't have to be careful! If you hit your skin with them, it will still burn you. The biggest concern is setting OTHER things on fire. You need to know how to put them out right, what not to spin near, how much oil to use so the fire doesn't fling off your poi, and the things you need to have around to deal with any accidental fire starting. You yourself know when you are comfortable with using fire. If you don't feel ready, wait. The more comfortable you are, the better your flow will be! Good luck, brother!
that makes a lot of sense.. sounds like its going to be in my best interest to just wait until i can hook up with someone who has some fire experience for now. thanks a lot for the replies.. you both likely saved me a bit of a headache and a lot fire damage.
much appreciation for the wishes :) im very much loving it.
get some glow poi for the moment helps a lot with planes and it's still super fun! I have oggs and flowtoys crystal flow poi with the added flow mass for some weight. My current favorite patterns are flowers/antispin flowers and 5 beat waist wraps!


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