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My daughter is far she loves my baby dreads. Of course she does - she doesn't judge, is full of positivity and unburdened as yet by society's rules. Yeeah. A few things she has said so far made me laugh:


You look like a beautiful puppy with one long ear and one curly ear


Dad has a normal pillow, I have my Pet Shop pillow and Mummy has the itchy pillow (My wool sweater lol)



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Replies to This Discussion

My youngest bubba boy is only 5 months so he doesnt say anything just yet but it is very cute the way he holds, strokes and gently twirls my dreads while he is nursing, awwwww bless

My youngest (2) always wants me to put beads in her hair and dye it "boo" my husband and I have come to the conclussion that she will be dreading shortly we estimate no older than 9 but I'm thinking like 4ish she'll be wanting them!

My baby boy just turned 7 & he loves my hair (not quite dreads yet but getting there). The other day he said, "Mama, is my hair long enough to dread? I will look good with dreads too, won't I?" 

I told him he'd look good with any hair style & his is isn't long enough to dread but we'll just let it grow and leave it be, soon enough he'll have dreads too! :D 

When 2 years old (now 4) "Mom, don't cut my dreads, they are who I am".

aw yes my 6yr old daughter at first called my dreads fredies haha aw i laughed so hard was adoreable so for a while i just called em that haha


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