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Dready Parents & Dreadful Children


Dready Parents & Dreadful Children

Members: 111
Latest Activity: Sep 10, 2013

dready parents and dreadful children

this is a group for all parents who have dreads, or parents of kids with dreads. its also a place for kids who want dreads to network with parents with dreads as well as a place for parents who are reluctant to allow theyre kids to dread.
we will try to give fair and ballanced opinions on the advantages and drawbacks without insisting one way or the other is right.

its a gathering place too for discussing all matters facing dready families and to celebrate the beauty of our parents and childrens dreadlocked lifestyles

Dreadlocks Discussion Forum

You gotta fight for your right to breeeeeeeeastfeed

Started by Amy Lee. Last reply by Star Gryphon Oct 26, 2012. 7 Replies


Started by Alysha. Last reply by Jessica Faye ૐ Mar 27, 2011. 23 Replies

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crafty crafters
Comment by jazzymomma on July 23, 2013 at 5:20pm

update finally! me baby sons dreads are locking an the families r leaving them alone lol yay he loves them and i did see an mood change in him wen family ripped his dreads out he was rebelious and said no an hit me all time an sis now his dreads r back an he hasnt had ppl messing with them besides mommas rip them apart not out haha hes cool no mean lil unhappy baby boy :) yay stay away from my dread baby hahaha peace JAZZ

crafty crafters
Comment by jazzymomma on May 20, 2013 at 1:23pm

so an updated post since last wen i need to be at schol r an apointment ect. i have returned to me baby sons dreds combed out!!! sad an pissed off and his hair ripped out just to get them out! not asking or caring what i want or think? no respect fo rme as a mom and my choices! i just got my son back from his father  an his fam ect his haoe once again brushed out an they cut his front hair bangs! i was so upset after restartin his dreads four times!! im so upset an pissed i told them not to even touch his hair an everyone to do the one thing i ask i dont think! its too much to ask!  i just made an agreement with my sons father to have this dread journey with our son and he agreed. thinkin theres noway i can control wat they do wen they have him. not that i really want to i mean as long as hes safe an they respect my wishes to this beautiful dreading family journey for me an my son. im not sure wat to do next i told them many times how i feel and that i dont want them to wash or comb his hair. WAT DO I DO/?? logically and peacefully? plz share ur rxperiences an comments if want to inbox me as well:)

crafty crafters
Comment by jazzymomma on May 4, 2013 at 6:20pm

need advice!!! i started my baby sons dreads after his undeineyable intreest in mine and he shows moma lil more lovins now all sudden and i had really good natural neglect locks almost 3 months old wen his father whom not with brushed an washed his hair with evil shampoo ahah and was sooo sad to have him returned with brokem torn hair from it i was sooo upset!! he gave me 3 diffrent excuses of stores y but so i said im not letting u do it again! he wants them and my choice well then i was workin on his second attempt wwas 3 weeks into natural ones again starting looks snarly again yay went to store left baby with me mom told her flat out dont tuch his hair i came back SHE BRUSHED AN CONDITIONED his locs out!! purposely and perceeded to pick fight with me ovr it! i was soo mad!! now working on his 3rd set! i swear if anyone my family touches them in any way i swear im gunna flip.WAT TO DO i been tellin them and telling them dont touch his hair and they do anyways !! and fight with me about my 8m old dreads an my choice to do my sons. thay dont care or get it! ahhhhh its a nightmare litterally im having stressful bad dreams about mine being cut off and all sorts crazy things aahhhh need relief and peice of mind! any advice an comments welcomed thanks peace an luv b with u all JAZZ

Comment by EarthGoddess on December 11, 2012 at 7:24pm

hello im Earth,

i started my son royals dreds when he was about 2 1/2 yrs young, he wanted dreds like one of my best friends derek an bams hair, so i did them for him,he will be 5 in jan,  they are spiritual an live that way as well, which for me was a great role model as a male for my son i just recently started mine, and wanted us to have this journey together, i do give him the choice of having them and he chooses wisely for now lol. knowing what dreds really means is important an thats why i started mine i am ready at this point in my journey to have them an be apart of the energy that it brings as well. happy to see more parents an children with dreds, they will be great adults with being shown this path in life, for me its a step ahead of what i knew as a child back then, so their are seeing a more light filled energy started at a young age, by the time they have kids they will be on a higher level for their next generation.. thats just in my opinion :) love an light to you an all your children


Comment by andy on October 25, 2011 at 11:19pm

Hey Shanxon thats super cool that your little girl decided that she wanted to dread her hair! My daughter still isnt doing too much talking so  she really cant tell us what she  wants to do with her hair, so we run or fingers through it every day or two to keep it form dreading.. I think we are going to do as you all did, you know just let her decide.. Its not our choice as parents to decide for them but let them choose. I do think that you must be setting a good example  for your kid if she is on track with doing things differently and wanting to exp[ress herself freely with dreadlocks... Love to see some pics of your little ones locks. sounds adorable :) 

Comment by Shanxon Lemasters on October 25, 2011 at 8:51pm

Andy it was really nice to read someone else's post about something my husband and I debated on! (been without net so I'm a smidge behind sorry!) I was wondering what you decided on? My daughter got a dreadlock literally almost over night, we decided to keep that one because she had already been asking to dreadlock her hair, she loves mine (she's 2 by the way she will be 3 in April). We decided to let her keep that one because she'd cry and get really upset if we got near it with a brush, we have since decided to let her continue her dreadlock journey. We pretty much knew it would be inevitable the way she loved mine and HATES her hair being brushed, (she's really curly like me) she now has about 1/2 a dozen baby dreadlocks, and 1 that is 2 months old and really locked up!

Comment by andy on September 9, 2011 at 12:48pm

hello all the lovely  ddready parents out there. my daughter is almost two and her hair in the back is starting to dread :) we are not sure if we should let it go or wait for her to be old enough to make the decision for herself... Leaning towards second choice  but would love t hear any thoughts bout this ffrom any of yous

vip supporters
Comment by unnique on May 24, 2011 at 1:10pm
hello to everybody  they call me unique my only girl she decide to have dreads she"s  11 yrs old she have dreads about 5 months i also have a my son of 10 yrs old has dread since 2yrs old he decide too cut them when he reach 7yrs old at age 9 he decide to get dread again so my husband also have dreads about 9 yrs i have them for 7 i am the only member in my entire family with dreads .
Comment by Kerry Phillips on May 11, 2011 at 4:02pm

Looking to profile a family (parents and children) with locks for an upcoming article in a new magazine about dreads. Anyone fit the profile?


Why was this the decision made? What do they represent to your family? Why was the decision made to lock the children's hair? Also looking for a family where the parents have locks but have chosen to allow their child(ren) to decide whether or not to have locks.


Please let me know if you're able to help. Interviews can be handled via email.


Thanks in advance!

Comment by Trina Sandress on March 17, 2011 at 1:09pm

Hello there everyone!  My name is Trina.  My 11yr old son has dreadlocks and has had them since he was 8yrs of age. At the age of 8 is when he decided he wanted to have my stop combing his hair and just let it dread.  He was all for keeping it natural. Now his dreads are thick,healthy,and very long.  I never tried to convince into letting his hair dread he just one day asked me a bunch of question on why I decided to let my hair dread and how to take care of them.

My husband does not have dreads and  a lot of people ask him why not.  He just doesn't want them. It's funny because overnight the back of his head tries to dread. 


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