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"welcome well unless they are already  huge and too  tightly dreaded together you should…"
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three years and two months

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Perming hair whilst I have dreads

Hi guys I'm new here and just a question about perming my hair whilst I had dreads Ive been growing…See More
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locticians using traction alopecia as an advertisment

we all know the statistics, 40% of all african americans get traction alopecia, 95% who call…See More
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"So sorry I'm responding so after the fact but I just today (tonight actually 11:09 pm…"
Does anyone homeschool their kid(s)? My hubby and I have decided that is what we want to do. I was just curious about other people's experiences.

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I'm really glad you started this discussion

My daughter is still only young, but I've been thinking alot about home schooling and would like to know other peoples experiences/opinions on it (:
My son is young as well, but homeschooling has been on my mind quite a bit. I've stayed home with him so far and would really like to continue it through his school years. I think it's a lot healthier and safer for kids. There is so much brainwashing, bullying, and bullshit that goes on in schools I'd really rather just have him stay home and be taught by his mommy where he will only be shown love
This is my view completely.

My nephew was always a happy, great little boy, but ever since he started school his attitude has been changing. He's very inward, very bossy, has started wetting the bed again and is also afraid to be around certain children.

This sets alarm bells off in my head.

I don't want my daughter to become another sheep and follow the peer pressure that is put on her. I want her to be in a loving enviroment where she knows that nothing will harm her or put her down for being different.

Serena Saccoccie said:
My son is young as well, but homeschooling has been on my mind quite a bit. I've stayed home with him so far and would really like to continue it through his school years. I think it's a lot healthier and safer for kids. There is so much brainwashing, bullying, and bullshit that goes on in schools I'd really rather just have him stay home and be taught by his mommy where he will only be shown love
My little brother was Homeschooled. He is now 21 and he does have Aspergers but I don't think that has anything to do with it, and he is REALLY smart. He was allowed his feelings, his thoughts, he played with other children at parks and later on as my Stepmother researched, other Homeschool kids. She Homeschooled in San Jose CA at a time when it wasn't as accepted as it is now. Well, is it accepted now? ha. I just think it is a little more organized now where you can find other families and create a group school too if you wanted. She never did that but it is an option so you can have a break if you need one. It is the more communal approach, which I would take if I ever decided to keep mine home. I have two in Montessori Education only because we don't have a Waldorf School here. It is a good school.
I home/unschool my kiddos :)

My son is 15 and attended public school until second grade but was pretty miserable the whole time-- he is now studying graphic arts and reads at a college level . My daughter has never gone to public school, she is 11 and reads well above her "level", loves math and science and wants learn to work with animals when she grows up.

We are pretty much what you would call unschoolers--we encourage our kids to learn what they want, when they want and make sure that they have lots of educational books and programs and whatever they need to study what they want. We do lots of experiments and try to turn everything we do into an opportunity for learning (cooking, shopping, gardening etc.)

My children are happy, friendly, and compassionate and I would never consider putting them into the public school system. :)

My daughter will be 3 the last day of the year. I decided to try her at a dayschool here. It's only part time for 3 hours plus the added feature of "stay and play" for another 1 1/2 hrs or so. She LOVES it!! Since it is only a part time school, all of the mom's there are in similar situations with work, the kids are very loved in school, the parents are very loving people. I couldn't be happier with my decision. This school is half as expensive as the montessori school here i had originally chosen. For now it's wonderful and goes right up to kindergarten. As for the public schools here...NOT gonna happen. Think I'll have to move to Austin, TX to get anything close to what I am looking for in education. I've considered homeschooling, but have not crossed that bridge yet. I'd like to have a ton of acres and start a commune farm somewhere and teach what's important there. The basics of values, kindness, nature, love, compassion, equality, unity... a completely self-sustainable location... Guess it would come down to what my daughter wants. If she doesn't feel safe or comforted in school, then she won't have to go - and there is always another option where she will feel loved and confident. I just want her to be happy. (*especially on my future farm!!)
Homeschooling momma to 2 daughters and a 1 year old. I LOVE IT! God had been calling me to engage with my kids--I blogged about it here

It is awesome and the choices abound. Just remember don't spend too much money!
My son is 4 and my daughter is 18 months. We are planning on starting the homeschooling next year but we do work with him a lot already. We have the Pre-K and Kindergarten workbooks by Brainquest and a few others that we have bought here and there from Barnes & Noble. We have also found some great activity books with art projects and science experiments at garage sales and paperback swap. I try to turn many of the things we do into fun learning experiences for the kids. I decided to homeschool for many of the same reasons that others do. We don't want someone else to be responsible for their educations. We can teach them what we want to - the same things they would learn in school plus so much more and it would be at our own pace working one on one. I also think that there are so many negative influences at public schools too and kids are starting to do things a little younger every year and I really don't care to put them in that kind of environment. I do want them to have opportunities to interact with other kids and I've found some info on group activities and sports with other homeschooled kids in the area.
I home schooled two of our three sons (the youngest is only 4). We were six years into it when we had to stop, long story. The kids were bored the first year in public school and after they were tested were actually ahead of their peers! Oldest took the SAT in 7th grade!!! I love it and if they wouldn't hate me too much I would do it again!!!
I unschool my kiddos who are 8,3 and 1 years old.
I parent the same way I live life, which is on inspiration. I'm really loving it. I find that when I let them just be that our days are filled with learning so many things that I would never have known how to "plan." My 8 year old reads novels and is working on Anne of Green Gables right now. He's at the 3rd grade level with math, I know from his coop schooled friends. He writes books for his little sisters and letters to me. So, despite no planning or "schooling" he's totally up or ahead on his 3 Rs and waaaaaaay educated in all other fields like chemistry, physics, spirituality and religion, nutrition, biology, art, history, politics, commerce, relationships, communication, finances, etc.

He learns because he is immersed in life with his primary role models, watches us deal with "real world" situations, hears us discuss all of the things most important to us and we provide him with access to resources to learn about the things he's interested in. I'm not all that interested in physics, but he really is. So I scoped out some websites and books about it and left him to it. When he has a question he asks me. If I don't know the answer we look it up together. When he wants to experiment we work it out together. If I don't have time I tell him to find an experiment he doesn't need help with until I am free.
It's pretty awesome really, and I learn as much from him as he does from me.

My 3 year old has taken an interest in writing lately and often stays up after her siblings are in bed so that I can spell word after word for her to write. She's really into counting and starting rudimentary adding and subtracting too... gaining the concept on her own experience of the world. Her brother's coin collection has her learning about money and thus why it has value and how it is used.

I love feeling like their education is a totally organic extension of the way that I parent. :-)

The only reason I ever hear for kids wanting to switch from homeschooling to public/private school is wanting to be around other kids. Sooo, wherever we live we locate all of the other homeschooling families and make a point of spending time with them.

I'm hoping to swap sons with another homeschooling mom I know for an hour or two a week. She is an amazing knitter and my son really wants to learn. I'm hoping to teach her son about cooking since he is always asking questions about it and wanting to help me in the kitchen.
I was unschooled- before unschooling was used as a word- homeschooling was still something people didn't recognize. Up through 10th grade when I chose to go to a fine arts high school a few states away. My kids are also unschooled- I have almost 14 yo, 11 yo, 8 yo, 6 yo, almost 4 yo, 2 yo, 1 month old. To learn more about unschooling try googling John Holt, John Taylor Gatto
Greetings mammas, glad to find this thread and jump in!  I currently homeskool my three boys who are 9, 5, and almost 1.  We follow a Waldorf cirriculum with an unschooling attitude if that makes sense!  I love the spiritual, theraputic approach of the Waldorf movement, but I also think it is impossible to seperate learning from life so we do what we do and explore everything around us and see where it leads...My 9 year old has been a slow reader and this had been a challenge for me to defend our choices in the face of a teaching family (my husbands' parents and both sisters are teachers and it drives them crazy!)  it feels pretty lonely sometimes, thankfully I have a great groups of homeschoolers and now you ladies!  Despite the challenges we have been very very happy with our choice, I can't really imagine it any other way.  Best of luck to all you ladies and I hope we can be a source of support and inspiration to one another!


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