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""I think in this pic you can kind of see the sections a little better at the bottom..…"
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"i'd be curious to hear some of the other vegans' opinions from this site on this…"
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"Also, I personally "supplement" my diet with different nutritive herbs (herbs that are…"
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One Year

"Wow.. You have the type of eyes that seem to just pierce through space and time.  :O :D "
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"I just had my first one last week (one month into dreads) where I cut my hair and I was kinda…"
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6 weeks

Holy crap! Let me say I was not expecting as much progress as I have right now. Only 6 weeks in and…See More
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"Oh well that's 3000 times 30 but I wouldn't think of it that way. Let us say that I am…"
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i love how some people name their animals. like usually they dont get normal names like carl but cool ones like spike. whats ur animals names?. mine are rocco and reese but ive had a iguana named cannabis and lizards names slim and a bird named percy and rabits named snowball and big mama, just to name a few.

Tags: animals, names, pets

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Replies to This Discussion

I have 2 ferrets, Princess and Panda. And a bearded dragon named Sheelah.
Photobucket My cat Curiosity and pup Rain <3
and there are wayyy to many to name haha they were all amazing
My dog's name is Tiny.  She's a long-haired Chihuahua.
at the moment we have a snake named Cai (K-eye) a rat named Lucky (he was snake food but Cai did not decide to eat him even after 3 1/2 days in the same aquarium) and a beta named Bruiser. We did have two ferrets black one named Hades' and a White one named Dante' and are hoping to get a kitten and name her Athena.

I have a ferret named Sergeant, a cat named Fennef ( which means 5, because he was the fifth one to be born in the nest) and a turtle named Speedy.

In the past I had hamsters named Polleke, Luna and Taquina. Rabbits named Aine, Racekonijn, Hare majesteit, Zijne hoogheid, Ciaran, Zwartje and Witje (most are dutch names). Cats named Prutske and Diesel.

I have mix pit bull name Halo and a stray kat named kitty....and we are looking for some dairy goats and chickens.....we will have names for all of them too....

I have a German Spitz named Miška (pronounced Mishka), a Hungarian Puli named Trixie, and I've had two more Puli dogs, Rex and Pici (Hungarian for tiny), Pici is Trixie's mother, a mixed breed dog named Mrvica (Serbian for crumb), a German shepherd named Ben, another mixed breed dog named Pio (my grandma named him after some villain from some soap opera). Cats Kasandra and Ljovisna (again, names from soap operas), and a hamster named Spay (I named him after a song, and afterwards learned the meaning of the word... xD )

I have had all cats

Past Kitties - Mama Cat (My first boy friend gave her to me, he died 15 years before Mama Cat did, I feel like he left her to watch over me) Neo (Seriously this Tom Cat was 18lbs pure muscle, and sound like a kitten), Alley (Tiny little alley cat found at a land fill pregnant sounded like she smoke a pack a day), Maximus (Alley's kitten had to put him to sleep it was my hubbys cat and it was the first time I saw him cry)


Georgi has a special story she was my first cat when I moved out on my own, I had her for 10 years...she was my angel...I lost her one night when I was so drunk that I past out and forgot to let her back in the house...we lived in a neighborhood that was new to her and it had alot of stray dogs that ran around...I never found her...bc of her I have been sober now for 3 years, she was my reason for turning my life around.


Current Kittys - Georgi II (in honor of Georgi and just as sweet) and Suki (her and Georgi make quite a team)


One next door neighbor dog that is named susie who at the moment is sleeping in my floor :)  I dont know how she became my dog but I stay home during the day and we bonded...her real owner takes really good care of her also.  Some animals belong to no man...

My dogs are Jess, Diesel, Killer and Penfold (penny)

My horses are Captain and Bull

Mini pig is Snooter

Mini goats are Batman and Robin

The chickens are the big brown one, the spotty black one and the little browny black one :)

hello people! My name is Laika, until I was found here on the earth 4 years ago, I was russian space tripper. Currently I live in Slovakia with my human friends and I`m trying to shift them something from my experiences. See you...

I have 2 Ferrets named Jezzebelle and Soliel

2 dogs name Felony Rayne and Lilly Crumpler

1 piggy named Hamlett James

and 1 Sweet baby watching over boxer Hannah Marie...aka Mammas baby, Nana pants, wiggle butt.


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