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"Of course! Washing every other day is perfectly fine. That is how often I wash my baby dreads and…"
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I've asked already about loose roots and know its normal, but the ones on my neckline have probably…See More
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How often can I wash my hair

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New hairpin

Chris and Pedro from Artis Ignis made a special hairpin just to fit in my dreads!
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Chillin' on this grey day

"Thank you dear :)"
20 hours ago
hi, today i found a baby mouse, abandoned, i left it for a bit to see if any other mice came to help it (i hadnt been near it at this point). nothing came so i've put it in a box lined with and old fleece and its crawled into one of the folds.
it can't be more then a few days old, its bald and its eyes are still shut.
i have a small pipette which i can feed it with but im unsure what to feed it on, we get milk straight from the cow here, would that be alright? im thinking i might need to add some sugar or honey to it but im not sure and am trying to find out.
I do not have any vets near me and the shop here is very limited so i would not be able to find very specialist stuff. I dont want it to die so please answer quickly if you have any suggestions, if you have ever cared for a young hamster/rat/guineapig/ or other rodent im sure it will be fairly similar. thank you very much, i wil keep looking around too xx

Tags: advise, closed, eyes, help, mouse, orphan

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im in france so no walmart, in the middle of nowhere so even the shops around here are pretty limited, ill cycle over to one tomorrow and see if they have any puppy or kitten milk (im guessing it'll be a powder) whats karo syrup? is that like honey? i have golden syrup here if that might work. ive just fed it with diluted milk with a bit of sugar in, it didnt seem that receptive, it opened its mouth and i managed to drop milk in every so often. i know they can't excrete unless stimulated so later i will do that, i think it should work with a damp bit of cotton wool (the mothers lick them so it might work) thats about the limit of my knowledge on mice though. thanks for the advise, hopefully it'll survive untill i can get some proper milk for it
I also live in the middle of knowhere and get alot of orphan animals.
The best thing to do would be to dilute the milk as Roxanne said. But you can just add a little sugar till you can taste it in the milk. then boil it. this will disolve the sugar. taste it again. if it no longer sweet enough just add a little more sugar.
As for the whole stimulating thing.
The cotton wool would be good, but make sure your very jentle as you may cause soreness.
Good luck
Hey I found this on google...hope it helps
Esbilac puppy milk

Maybe you could go to a pet shop(I'm sure there are some) and ask for puppy milk?
im going to the shop today (supermarket) to see if they have anything, i found out that its not a mouse but a fat dormouse (Glis, glis) and contacted an organisation in england who run a sanctuary, they said goats milk would be best then kitten/puppy milk, so we'll see what the shop has.
as im only in france for another week i need to try and find somewhere where it can be looked after or see if i can get a license to bring it back to the UK to give to a sanctuary there.
kenzo died about 40 mins ago, i managed to recussitate him once but couldnt do it again, its so stupid but its really upset me, thank you to everyone who helped x
:( soo sorry for your loss..can't imagine how you feel..for what it's worth, you have a beautiful soul that God greatly appreciates...even though it wasn't a mouse you cared for it like you would a human baby and for that you should be very proud..if people could devote a pint of the care you gave that baby to each other the world would be a better place.

iluvblutak said:
kenzo died about 40 mins ago, i managed to recussitate him once but couldnt do it again, its so stupid but its really upset me, thank you to everyone who helped x


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