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Elizabeth Tyler loved ☮ soaring eagle ॐ's blog post zen and the art of dread care
14 minutes ago
NaturalDreads01 replied to Miki Clarke's discussion my dad is cutting my dreadlocks off :(
"Dang.. That's just not right.. :(.. He should love you for who you are.  I mean, I'm…"
26 minutes ago
Miki Clarke replied to Miki Clarke's discussion my dad is cutting my dreadlocks off :(
"he's home :/ i don't know what to do... he's going to cut them off soon now :("
47 minutes ago

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Ericson Aniban Repol loved Earth Rose's discussion Let It Go [Warning, LOTS of photos] TIMELINE
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the earth beneath our feet provides all we need the sun in the sky gives life all nature is at our…See More
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"Saludos desde Puerto Rico, Trujillo alto ..."
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Ryan James left a comment for Ryan James
"Thanks man. I just used the gel to start them off, I'm now free forming and they're…"
2 hours ago
Miki Clarke replied to Miki Clarke's discussion my dad is cutting my dreadlocks off :(
"Thank you for your replies everyone, it really means a lot. :) The tattoo is just a little arrow on…"
2 hours ago
NaturalDreads01 updated their profile
2 hours ago
Kelly Kissel replied to Lydia Wong's discussion Should I get dreads when I'm in the hospitality industry? DOES IT MATTER?!
""those who mind, don't matter -- those who matter, don't mind""
2 hours ago
NaturalDreads01 replied to Miki Clarke's discussion my dad is cutting my dreadlocks off :(
"No offense to your dad.. But whether or not you decided to get a tattoo has nothing to do with your…"
2 hours ago

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☮MamaKittyLove replied to Miki Clarke's discussion my dad is cutting my dreadlocks off :(
"You are 18. He cannot do anything against your will or dictate how you live your life. You are an…"
2 hours ago
Miki Clarke loved Brandi Wilson's photo
2 hours ago
Kelly Kissel replied to Miki Clarke's discussion my dad is cutting my dreadlocks off :(
"Hi. Beautiful pic, by the way :) I remember when I got my first tat -- a lil something on my right…"
2 hours ago
Kelly Kissel replied to NaturalDreads01's discussion Hmm.. Residue, or something else?
"maybe try an essential oil spray to make it right?"
2 hours ago
Kelly Kissel replied to Jamie Bartley's discussion questions
"I too have straight, fine hair and even though I have backcombed in the past I know that all hair…"
3 hours ago
Miki Clarke posted a discussion

my dad is cutting my dreadlocks off :(

Hey there, beautiful people. I'm just looking for advice or somethingI'm 18 and live with my dad,…See More
3 hours ago

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4 hours ago

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☮MamaKittyLove replied to ☮MamaKittyLove's discussion MamaKitty's Freeform Timeline! (Updated: 1 MONTH! 8/1/14)
"That's what I'm doing this time :) Thank you !! "
4 hours ago

i think peta does alot of good for animals as do alot of other ppl but i heard on the news last night that many suspect peta of pushing it to far because they say that the groundhog in PA {the one they use to see if he sees his shadow} is being terrified and stressed out by the ritual. the "owner" of the ground hog replied by saying that he gets treated better then alot of kids do. so my question is has the animal rights group pushed it to far on this one in your opinion or do u agree with their assessment?

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Replies to This Discussion

I think PETA does do alot of good, but they definately go to far way to often. They don't think animals should even be kept as pets. That keeping animals as pets is disrespecting the animal by forcing into a life of domesticity that they animal hasn't evolved to be in. I thik that they do stop alot of terrible things from happening to animals. I may not always agree with the way they do it, but they do it at least.
yeah i think they are trying to do the right things but i agree with taking it to far. like i mean just cuz you have a pet doesnt mean that u think that animal is far beneath humans. i mean my animals are like my kid/best friend. so i dont agree with not having pets because then dogs would be homeless and hungry right? i dunnoit really does come from their hearts and i do agree for alot of what they stand for but they did go to far this time i think. but as far as other things like no circus' and the fur and vegetarian/vegan diets i agree with those stances. thanks for your opinion and im sure alot of others feel the same way
I think that PETA is full of it. I think they went overboard loooong before the PetSmart BS... loooong before the MARS Candy BS... they've just been going too far for a long long time. Great intentions, really awful execution. Look up "PETA hates PetSmart" and look at the kind of crap they post. I know our supplier is awful, but in the video you can even tell that the animals in question were getting medical care if you check out the medical log. Also, in filming that video they broke a number of copyright laws... again, great idea, but it's gone too far.
I agree with what already has been posted and well, I am just posting pretty much the same comment.

I do think they have went too far. Many times as already stated. I am all for animal rights, but just because we adopt one into our lives doesn't mean necessarily their right are gone. In fact many times they (animals) actually have more rights and more of a life than before.

Many people with pets have abused/mistreated them and IMO thats what PETA should be targeting. Not just random hits on normal and loving pet households.

If they ever want to have a good reputation, they need to quit acting crazy and set some realistic reasonable boundaries for themselves that still accomplishes their mission.
I have a story about PETA. I live next to a town called Spearfish. I guess they contacted the mayor or somebody and didn't like the town name and wanted them to change it to "Sea Kitten." Really? I guess not much of a story but I thought it was funny and ridiculous

PETA are full of shit, they always go too far and they make every Vegan, Veggie and animal lover look bad!

That's my brief :)


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