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Green Head


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Knotty Boy How to screw up Dreadlocks - Part 2

knottyboy and dreadheadhq recommend the worse ways to dread including the gross wax they cake in your hairthis is not how to dread! ignore everything they suggestthis was uploaded more g]=for comical or shock value as an example of what not to do!we do not recommend anyone follow any advice on those sites. especialy wax or crochet use.
08/05/12 01:02:33AM @myschyf:
Idk if that makes me feel enter, or worse >.<</body>

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/05/12 12:09:19AM @soaring-eagle:

he doesnt have em anymore he as found on fb combbed em out i dont think they lasted a year

08/05/12 12:01:40AM @myschyf:
Cries glad I didn't do this like I was suggested by my girlfriend at work. His hair looked gross with the wax. Then I notice that all the girls doing locks didn't have locks and was like really? Poor Connor, hope his locks havn't been completely ruined.

Angel Frye
03/22/12 08:41:46AM @angel-frye:

I know, right? He would have beautiful natty dreads if he didn't have her slather green shit all in his hair. Her blase tone in the "I just rip them off. Snapped hair isn't really a big deal." BURNED ME! I mean, made my blood boil. That poor guy has no idea what he just did to his hair. And there she is just snapping his damn hair off like nobody's business.

There is a special place in hell for loctitions and paid wax-applicators like her. Notice though that SHE doesn't have dreads, lol.

Green Head
03/22/12 07:29:14AM @green-head:

that dude had such beautiful hair before :'(

look at her at the end tryna make them sit flat....oh fucking dear

Green Head
03/22/12 07:21:16AM @green-head:

Omg the way she just pulls them hairs off!!! fuck me!!!

Angel Frye
03/22/12 03:45:37AM @angel-frye:

I couldn't resist. I went to the vid comment area for this vid and wrote: "So... if you're putting WAX on your hair how exactly are you supposed to get under the wax to really wash your hair so it doesn't stink? This whole thing is a scam. I've had natural neglect locks for several months now and mine don't look like a bunch of candles sticking on my head. I didn't have to buy any products from anyone to have natural CLEAN dreadlocked hair."

And then I found out it was pending approval. Think it'll be approved?! NAhhhh!! lol

Angel Frye
03/22/12 03:34:28AM @angel-frye:

OMG, is that shit actually GREEN?!!! It looks like she's twisting up piles of hard poop in his hair.

Naked Naturalist
03/03/12 08:26:52AM @naked-naturalist:

i saw this video when i was lurking around for info about dreadlocks. i did almost give in to this because i was a newb. i have no idea. but then i found this site! the same day i found this site i began dreading :D

Green Head
03/03/12 08:21:40AM @green-head:

SE Thanks for the new description and title :) <3

I know it's a bitdisturbinguploaded this but it furthermore gets the point across andI'mgladIwas saved from this!

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