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Location: Twentynine Palms, CA
Zipcode: 92277
Country: US


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Shady Grove

Shady Grove

9 years ago - Comments: 0

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bam bam
Glowstick fun
Lil man's first phish festival
Herbie and Stealie
My Stealie


Lonnie Berg
12/30/09 09:49:20PM @lonnie-berg:
Happy New Year to You and Yours too mama, namaste'

Electric Mama
11/07/09 02:13:09AM @electric-mama:
thanks mama! and that is awesome!! so how did he do? man i think if i would have taken rex to a big festival he would be up on stage naked and drumming lol. i wanna know everything!! loltake care~

Electric Mama
11/06/09 09:09:02PM @electric-mama:
hey how have u been mama?!~

Electric Mama
10/12/09 05:08:25PM @electric-mama:
oh man!!! where do u wanna move to?oh i def didnt start yeti am thinkin bout that to do for his bday already though lol

Electric Mama
09/28/09 07:14:43PM @electric-mama:
aw i was thinking bout starting at 2 too, he totally doesnt seem interested right now at all lolwhere do u live mama?

Electric Mama
09/23/09 11:43:48AM @electric-mama:
april 10th!! i was due on the 28th but i was sure i was gonna have him 4 20 lol guess not!!!so they are so close in age, that is awesome!!!when are u gonna start potty training?

Electric Mama
09/16/09 02:22:54PM @electric-mama:
aw that is awesome!! rex is 17 months old as well!! when is his bday?!is he a big boy?

does it matter
09/13/09 11:51:42AM @does-it-matter:
san diego

Electric Mama
09/12/09 06:12:29PM @electric-mama:
aww thanks!!how old is ur lil one, and whats his name?!

09/12/09 08:27:44AM @echolynnrain:
Hey sis thanx for the add and it's nice to meetcha! :) Peace~

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