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Location: Philippi, WV
Zipcode: 26416
Country: US


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03/31/10 02:07:08PM @emily:
Happy Birthday Jones!!

Lonnie Berg
03/30/10 11:12:29PM @lonnie-berg:
Happy Birthday Brother, hope you're gettin yer dreads

03/24/10 11:00:20AM @dannylou:
okay man i'll do my best . we'll be in touch

03/20/10 05:44:14PM @dannylou:
yes i got your e-mail sorry its taken me a few days to respond i didnt have a computer.i'll be in touch with you and try to get your dreads started by your birthday :)

03/15/10 05:16:56PM @dannylou:
well whats your schedule like? right now i am currently unemplyed so pretty much any day of the week is good for me. e-mail me your address and how to get there.

Lonnie Berg
03/15/10 04:37:37PM @lonnie-berg:
Welcome My Brother, we're so glad you're here and hope we'll be seeing ya round often....namaste'

03/15/10 03:44:24PM @iain:
Hey Welcome to the site!

03/15/10 03:00:34PM @dannylou:
now that the weather has broke i can come to philippi (its been a crazy winter hasnt it) but do some more research on dreading methods and figure out exactaly how you want to start.when is your birthday?

03/15/10 02:40:47PM @dannylou:
hey man thanks for the request. you have actually talked to my girlfriend before on myspace about dreads. now that your a member of this forum maybe you can begin your dread journey on your own. if not and you wish for me to help you out still i will. there are lots of intelligent people on here that will answer any questions you have so take advantage of it. peace&love

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/15/10 02:38:52PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome glad u join ed us before starting so u can avoid all the typical mistakes

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