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Not forgotten

By: ginger.rose
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Just wanted to check in with an update - I have not been spending as much free time on the computer, and the phone app pretty much sucks for replies, so I've just been reading everyone's posts here and there.I'm right at 11 months neglect, and finally decided to listen to my hair and let the locks get fatter. I was thinking of what "I wanted", which was thinner and easier to dry, but my hair really has other ideas. Plus that dream a while back where I had these super fat ropes....Anyway, as much as I can, I'm letting some sections wind up together where they want to, and it's making faster progress. I really am not comfortable with the thought of larger locks (normal to some is large to me), so it's taking a lot of reminding myself not to pull every section apart from its neighbor... What a great reflection of my tendency to analyze or as my husband calls it - pick things apart ;)So, all is well; and time marches on. I'll see if I can get some proper photos for the 1 year mark coming up!
06/11/13 10:01:33AM @gingerrose:
Yeah, I think it was a control point that I just had to let go of. They really won't be that big - just to my eye, bigger than what I had *expected*

Tara C
06/11/13 08:52:50AM @tara-c:

Well, althought it's great to let your hair do what it wants, if we all let our hair do what it wants completely, stopping congos and etc., we might end up with one giant dread. I think it's about doing what makes you happy; if it makes you uncomfortable, then it isn't such a good state to be in. But if it's what you want and it's just taking some getting used to, then go for it :) I'm sure you'll still love them no matter what.

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