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Quick update

By ginger.rose, 2014-11-05

A million reasons I haven't been here, but I am still going with my locking process and although it's been slow, they are coming along.

I'm looking forward to the new site, and the possibility of a functional mobile interface.

Missing you all and looking forward to meeting the new members when time is free again


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Update 18 mos

By ginger.rose, 2013-12-05

Just checking in, because I haven't been able to look at this site in an age Missing the community. My knots are coming along slowly, but surely -- I think I have about 10-20 knotting up now (maybe more?), and a few are noticeable, but the only person commenting so far is my mother-in-law, haha She asked if it was a braid, and I told her it was "an experiment" Not satisfied with that answer, she asked if she could touch it, and I said it was knots. I'm sure she'll ask me about my knots every time she sees me now ;)

I'll put some photos up eventually, but there's still not much to see from a distance. I have 3 in the front/center, but most of the others are hidden in the back underneath. Not bad for 18 months! haha.

I'm honestly glad they are taking so long sometimes I think last year would not have been a good time for a head full of knots. This year will be stellar.

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Donations for kitty?

By ginger.rose, 2013-07-21
I don't want to detract from the site's donation campaign - if you're not already aware, soaring eagle is in need of funds to make sure we beat the competition and stay strong as a community.That said, I have a campaign of my own - please consider helping fund Jack's eye surgery, which is booked for Monday morning. Thank you for any help you can provide!
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Not forgotten

By ginger.rose, 2013-06-10
Just wanted to check in with an update - I have not been spending as much free time on the computer, and the phone app pretty much sucks for replies, so I've just been reading everyone's posts here and there.I'm right at 11 months neglect, and finally decided to listen to my hair and let the locks get fatter. I was thinking of what "I wanted", which was thinner and easier to dry, but my hair really has other ideas. Plus that dream a while back where I had these super fat ropes....Anyway, as much as I can, I'm letting some sections wind up together where they want to, and it's making faster progress. I really am not comfortable with the thought of larger locks (normal to some is large to me), so it's taking a lot of reminding myself not to pull every section apart from its neighbor... What a great reflection of my tendency to analyze or as my husband calls it - pick things apart ;)So, all is well; and time marches on. I'll see if I can get some proper photos for the 1 year mark coming up!
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Dreams of Locks

By ginger.rose, 2013-03-09
I dreamt last night that I had locks as fat as half dollars... I could see myself, as if looking in a mirror. I recall having to find a large enough band to hold them back from my face. They were much fatter than what I'd had in mind... But it felt good to have some glimpse of a possible future :)
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The woods offer proof of progress

By ginger.rose, 2012-12-11

Went for a nice long walk in the woods this morning, and went off the trail to look at something... Well, i forgot that my hair was down, and in my haste to get up the hill, got a chunk of it caught in a holly tree. The force of my step was so great that there was nothing I could do to stop the tree from ripping out a small section of hair (ouch).

When I went back down the hill, i stopped to see if there was evidence of my error on the tree, but none was to be found... I went home and noticed about 1/4 of a baby lock hanging down from a knot! And here I was questioning the general knottiness of the hairs... But it was such a good knot, I just cut off the excess 12" or so that was hanging down (the part that had ripped from my scalp!), and left the rest in there as a reminder to be more careful next time I go on walkabout ;)

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Happiness is no more haircuts

By ginger.rose, 2012-12-02
I just had one of those moments... I just erased "Get a Haircut" off of my repeating to-do list, and had a little celebration. I have always hated getting haircuts, not only because no style fits me, but also because they wanted to still try and style my hair, no matter how much I said "no". They would try and put crap in it, too. They would also ALWAYS cut it shorter than I asked. Like I can't see the length of hair hitting the floor?No more salons, and no more salon attitude and ignorance. Yay!
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Coming into the 3rd week now

By ginger.rose, 2012-07-24

I guess I'd better write something, rather than just lurking around!

Here's my natural/neglect experience so far - pictures are already in my albums, and I'll look at how to post them here for future entries. I stopped brushing in the second week of July, and have been washing every 3 days with BS and using ACV with EO or tea rinses. I had been no-poo for maybe 6 months already, so my hair was pretty healthy, shiny and tangle-free to start with...

Progress has been stop and start, and I have had to let go of expectations. Just when I see the knots coming, it's time to wash and they tend to mostly fall out. But today I found a real baby forming! I had to separate it from another section, as it was too wide and thin to allow, but it was pretty knotty before that. It is good to see some more concrete action beyond the separation and frizz. Also, I keep getting the ends caught on things, because there are little knots in there which did not exist before. The ends are looking skinnier by the day, which I assume is a good sign.

I am trying to avoid beads and other "helpers" for now, but occasionally add a little salt water before a shower, since I'm not near the beach to take a dip. I want to see what my hair will do on it's own, and it's a nice test of willpower. I separate the sections, because I definitely want to have some control over that, being a business owner and needing a somewhat groomed appearance.

Another point I wanted to write (to get it out of my head and recorded), is that I am not interested in calling these "dreadlocks" (I don't care what you call them, though!). It just doesn't feel like the right word for me. Nor does jata or even just locks. I guess something will evolve over time as they start to show up.

I am really enjoying looking at everyone's photos and reading all the forum and blog posts - thank you for sharing your experiences, and answering so many questions.

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