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today is dreadday #1

By: GeorgiaFreeSpirit
Posted in:
i just got my dreadies today. i already feel different, a spiritual awakening. i woke up this morning and felt wonderful and so happy with who i was. i feel as if my dreadlocks are bringing out my inner beauty :) it's only the first day and i can already sense a change. i can only wait to see what the future holds with my dreadlocks
02/28/11 06:55:17PM @georgiafreespirit:
:)) did you just start your process?

Drea Nicole
02/28/11 02:40:39PM @drea-nicole:
aw i love this! I feel the same way! :) smiles

Julia Katherine Freitas
11/13/10 12:58:51AM @julia-katherine-freitas:
AW :D I cant wait to start mine :D Congrats <3

11/08/10 07:26:03PM @georgiafreespirit:
so amazing. im truly happy in making the choice to get them:)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/08/10 07:20:24PM @soaring-eagle:
its amazing how they affect u isnt it?

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