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Country: Germany


Skateboarding, Punk/ HC Music

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04/11/16 04:54:37AM @frankster
Commented on: Evan Knapp

Hi from europe! I love skateboarding and surfing, too. Its the best you can do in your sparetime Happy

Good luck on your journey! And not caring too much is very helpful for me, too...



03/29/16 07:20:54AM @frankster
Commented on: Frankster

After 2 month i quit using Dr. Bronners as a shampoo. Lately my hair felt gross, like waxed after the wash with Dr. Bronners twice a week. Seems that it will not work with the water type at home... As an alternative i have BS/ACV at home, but first i will try out a natural powder from Marocco called "Rhassoul" which is really helpful with having skin issues like neurodematitis or just dry skin. On an other website they use this as a shampoo, too. One part of rhassoul mixed with two parts of water, then massaging the paste to the hair roots and rinsing it out afterwards. Also they use an ACV rinse once a while after the wash... I will try that powder out today and will report back how it worked out for me. In europe we can buy it in drugstores or direct at an arabic store. Its an all natural powder from the ground without any chemical additional. Have a nice week!

03/25/16 08:21:55AM @frankster
Commented on: johndoe

Hello John! I am also using Dr. Bronners twice a week, but i'm not very satisfied with it. Sometimes it is ok, sometimes my hair feels like waxed after it. So i might try to change between Dr. Bronners and BS/ACV and see what happens. Where i live is the water soft to medium hard, but for some reason the Bronner is not working too well. 



03/10/16 04:12:12PM @frankster
Commented on: ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

no Problem, I have not posted that much so far. Hope you get the server running stable again!

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