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10/17/16 08:53:53AM @frankster
Commented on: 9 month update

So month nine is more than half over, i'm at almost 10 month of going natural, yess!

My washing rhythm is at once a week right now, which feels ok for me so far. It is getting colder outside and the hair takes way longer to get dry, so i have figured out that once a week washing is best at this stage of the year for me. The last two month i have been using just plain white bar soap for washing my dreadies, but today i bought 2 bars of Dr. Bronners Teatree barsoap. End of this week i will figure out how Bronners bar soap works on my head. The liquid Bronners i was using in the beginning of my journey failed and felt gros after a couple of washes because of the hard water type i am able to use here. I hope that the barsoap work better than the liquid, cause they are not very cheap to buy here. I would like to find a better alternative to the plain white soap, because it is kind of harsh to the skin, but at least works ok and is pretty cheap. Fingers crossed that the Bronners Teatree work ok in hard water...

Finding the right washing products for dread seems to be a big quest for a lot of people on this forum during the whole individual journeys. For me, i thought it would be the patience factor, but at least at this moment it is more the search for the right products to use...

07/28/16 04:14:59PM @frankster
Commented on: 2 days short of month 7!

in 2 days i am going natural for 7 month! Can't believe how fast time has passed by... A lot of knotting is going on and i must say that i can live very good with the messy stage of my journey! I am not in a hurry and i don't care very much how my messy hair looks for other people. The longer i am into this journey the more free i do feel and i am way happier than many many years before. Wish everybody a nice weekend!

07/21/16 03:58:24AM @frankster
Commented on: 4 months

Nice! Seems like you 're doing fine! Good luck and stay strong! 

07/19/16 09:55:05AM @frankster
Commented on: johndoe

Thank you John! Nice to hear that you are doing well! I am fine, too. I don't care much about my hair, so pacience is not a huge problem, and i am thankful for that. Wish you the best!

07/05/16 12:44:42PM @frankster
Commented on: gallery images

Seems that you are doing fine, great progress! not caring too much is the key for me, too. Wish you a great journey!

06/27/16 09:50:42AM @frankster
Commented on: Baby dreads update 6-7 weeks

They are comming along great! Your hair seems to dread really fast, congrats! I will upload my 6 month pics soon. Have a nice week!

06/15/16 10:13:26AM @frankster
Commented on: Vacation at the salty sea

a trip to the ocean with swimming, surfing or just to hang out at the beach was very helpful for my baby dreads. The

seasalt and the strong, constantly blowing wind at the beach sectioned and tangled my hair so much more it would have in my normal life. Totally happy with the progress and a can't wait to get back to the ocean Wink

06/05/16 04:03:30PM @frankster
Commented on: month 6 is upcoming...

gettin some length lately which is good for progress Happy I am very happy with the natural method, think that's the way to go for me.

04/13/16 05:31:39AM @frankster
Commented on: Frankster

Well, after using the clay powder as a rinse for one month now, i am very happy with it! I mix one tablespoon with 1/2 liter of water. I let it rest for 15 min and massage the scalp. After that you have to rinse it out very very good to prevent builtup, because the powder is very fine... You can use an acv rinse once a while to prevent your hair getting too dry, but the powder is ph neutral, so you don't have to do it often. After the test month i washed with baking soda /Acv rinse. There was a little bit of a rest of the brown powder on my head, but not too much i guess. So i think i will keep washing with the natural clay and once a month i will do a baking soda deep cleaning.