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@frankster • 2 weeks ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "dreadlock maintenance in sri lanka?":
"Hi! This is the wrong forum for your questions. This forum is for natural dreadlocks without special maintenance, just washing and separating, thats all we..."
@frankster • one month ago • comments: 0
17 month journey
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@frankster • 3 months ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "Surf":
"I surf, too! I live in Europe and i love to surf in southern France, Portugal or Spain, where the water is a lot warmer as where i live. So i don't surf..."
@frankster • 3 months ago • comments: 2
Liked @zebedee's Timeline:
@zebedee posted • 4 months ago

I am now 8 weeks in. I am separating pretty much daily, I wear a hat to work to prevent getting dirt and oil from the factory in my hair. They actually feel dreaded a little now. I have no idea what a dread is supposed to feel like but I think thats it! Its starting to get shorter and fatter, I had 79 to begin with and I am not sure if I have more or less now. I love my 3 fringe ones the most so far. I swim every other day and the chlorine seems to make them knot well. I wash afterwards and then spend a while ripping them apart. Its so much easier having dreads with my way of life 😁

@frankster • 4 months ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "Moving Forward With Nature: My Dreadlock Journal":
"Your dreads look great! And there is no gap any more, congrats!"
@frankster • 6 months ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "Dread Tam from Portugal":
"she has different sizes to offer, from small to large, which is waist lengths... its probably way to small for u i guess?! Well i payed her 25 Euro which is..."
@frankster • 6 months ago • comments: 0
Created a new forum topic "Dread Tam from Portugal":
"Today i got a nice handmade tam in the mail. It was handmade in Portugal (Europe) from 100% organic wool. I really like it and i want to share some pics and..."
@frankster • 6 months ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "Question about Dr. Bronners":
"I have used both, the liquid in the beginning of my journey (1st 2 month) and the bars right now. The liquid only works in soft water! If you have a..."

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/13/16 04:52:50PM @soaring-eagle:

read the ingredients in shampoos the clay is why they clean so amazingly well

04/13/16 05:31:39AM @frankster:

Well, after using the clay powder as a rinse for one month now, i am very happy with it! I mix one tablespoon with 1/2 liter of water. I let it rest for 15 min and massage the scalp. After that you have to rinse it out very very good to prevent builtup, because the powder is very fine... You can use an acv rinse once a while to prevent your hair getting too dry, but the powder is ph neutral, so you don't have to do it often. After the test month i washed with baking soda /Acv rinse. There was a little bit of a rest of the brown powder on my head, but not too much i guess. So i think i will keep washing with the natural clay and once a month i will do a baking soda deep cleaning. 

03/29/16 07:20:54AM @frankster:

After 2 month i quit using Dr. Bronners as a shampoo. Lately my hair felt gross, like waxed after the wash with Dr. Bronners twice a week. Seems that it will not work with the water type at home... As an alternative i have BS/ACV at home, but first i will try out a natural powder from Marocco called "Rhassoul" which is really helpful with having skin issues like neurodematitis or just dry skin. On an other website they use this as a shampoo, too. One part of rhassoul mixed with two parts of water, then massaging the paste to the hair roots and rinsing it out afterwards. Also they use an ACV rinse once a while after the wash... I will try that powder out today and will report back how it worked out for me. In europe we can buy it in drugstores or direct at an arabic store. Its an all natural powder from the ground without any chemical additional. Have a nice week!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/10/16 07:16:00PM @soaring-eagle:

its stable just not caching correctly and a few odd lil things popped up ..i think most are fixed

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/10/16 12:48:54PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome back yea sorry avbout that

still working out 1 or 2 lil issues

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