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Location: In a converted removal van
Country: United Kingdom

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07/12/16 03:01:23PM @fozbee
Commented on: Washing in the UK

ahh i knew i would find someone who had asked this question somewhere! thanks for beating me too it! any other alternatives cropped up yet? its been a few years! i had thought the dread head hq stuff wasn't really recommended and I'm not sure i like the idea of having to dilute the brokers incase i fudge it up one time while I'm half asleep or something... what id really like is something i can buy in a shop or that at least ships from the uk as I'm living in a van atm and don't really have a fixed address so waiting for 2-4 week shipping is a bit tricky but 2-3 days can be arranged around visiting a friend..
07/12/16 02:40:23PM @fozbee
Commented on: fozbee

mm school.. i was young and stupidly did what i was told, not sure if things are different over here in the uk too...

yes crocheting bad ouchy.. won't be doing that again...

yes washing good!! i have been giving the bicarb and acv a go! and have rather luxuriant curls that are making my girlfriend rather jealous so thumbs up there!!

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