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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: In a converted removal van
Country: United Kingdom

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Commented on: fozbee
07/21/16 07:13:54AM @fozbee:

07/20/16 08:02:58PM @gratefuldread:

Thanks for the warm welcome Fozbee. your hair is looking awesome looks like its dreading really good and fast 

cheers fella! I'm lucky enough to be parked up a mile from the sea at the moment and have been going for the odd swim now and again when the weathers been nice, wash my hair with dr bronners in the mornings and after I've been to the beach or maybe even if its just been a hot day! ( my hair got wet and dried 4 times in one day this week seems rather nuts, but Mr eagle says the more you wet and let dry the better so..) that and a wooly jumper on my pillow seems to be going nicely! if only at least to make the girlfriend incredibly jealous of my magnificent curls!! I can feel it knotting up though going to be doing weekly pictures if I can remember!

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