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Claire replied to Stubby's discussion uni-dreads
"I think TnR is a great way to start dreads- they take on their own journey just like neglect…"
2 hours ago
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"Not to add fuel to the fire, but I agree with ms. Dowding. IF your TnR dreads don't end up…"
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"Hi! I hope you are doing good today. There is nothing wrong with uniform dreads, that's why I…"
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11 weeks neglect

Although it's subtle, I have definitely seen some morphing in my hair this week. I like the stage…
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"What's wrong with uniform dreads?"
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"Not necessarily true and uniform twist and rip. I done twist and rip on my own hair but pulled out…"
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"well, what I was trying to say was that people who go into a shop and have their hair twist and…"
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"well if they tnr natural sections itsnot so uniform i thoiught this was about monodreads  or…"
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I want to share something that is comical to me. First, let me start out by saying that I am not…See More
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15 hours ago
Hi ..I don't really know how to introduce.myself so ill just tell how I found this site ...I was watching my boyfriend's video who also has an account on here safety locks and I decided to look at it and thought it was amazing :) so I made an account too. I haven't done anything to my hair yet cause nothings jumped out at me so I'm still thinking ...I guess if you want to know anything about or have any questions just ask :)

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Welcome.  Have you checked out the dreaducation link?  There's tons of info there about different started methods and the truths and lies about what's really healthy for your locks

really it can dread itself while your trying to decide how you want to dread

I'm kinda afriad it will be difficult to take out..

its suposed to be hard to take out cause u never want to take em out ..if u do u go through dread loss depression till u dread again

its hard to take out so u have to think twice and hopefully decide not to

Hair seperates well cause my hair is curly

it should dread easy then

i want to do one part of it like some people braid one spot of there hair, kinda like that but how do i form it natural and leave my other hair the same....

Well, that's a bit harder, but you could find a section that you want to lock up and throw a bead on it to keep it separated.  It may want to grab hold of hairs around it, so be sure to keep separating every few days to help it along.  And just use one of the non residue shampoos.  You can use it on straight hair too.

ok like i stopped combing my hair, i thank since yesterday and my hair sections anyway cause th curls and im trying to figure out if i want to do part of my bangs or a piece on the side..

The bangs would be unique, but might pull funny and feel strange with one or two hanging there.  On the side, at least they are out of the way, and easier to hide if you ever feel like you need/want to

ok thanks ....i been looking on how long it takes to form natural dreads and i haven't had any luck . do you know about how long it would take...

They begin to knot up fairly quickly.  Like you'll probably see some tangling in the first few days, may a week or so.  But for them to become fully mature can take as little as 8 months, but as long as over a year.  It all depends on your hair type and texture.  Average time for them to mature is about 1 year.

They go through a lot of loosening and tightening phases before they just start to tighten and mature

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