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Shane Northern replied to Ibe Reverie's discussion I be Reverie - Knotty since birth.
"Whats up man? You're journey looks a lot like my journey lol. Lookin pretty awesome. "
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"doesnt need "fixing" just might dread lil slower"
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AnitaDR04 replied to superstrut's discussion Initial T&R tightness
"Will the dread "fix" itself over time if you accidentally T&R your hair tight but not…"
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16 veckor

"The draeds are starting to increase in number. Now I'm at 16 weeks of neglect.This small one…"
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Ibe Reverie posted a discussion

I be Reverie - Knotty since birth.

I am back, as a couple of you may know, under a new alias. I would frequent this site regularly,…See More
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"Ah so beautiful and loving sooooo much fun. You both will be great keepers of the fur!"
11 hours ago

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Ibe Reverie replied to Ibe Reverie's discussion It's good to be back.
"yes patience is key, and one of the reasons I went natural instead of having fake dread put on my…"
11 hours ago
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"better drive small cars or get flat as a bloody pancake"
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I've just signed up and not sure of my way round the site yet!


However, i will prob have a million questions to bombard people with lol!


I got dreads about 3 or 4 months ago. I love them, but they dont seem to have that thick fullmess that i wanted. When i see peoples dreads and they are pulled back, they look soo lovely. Mine are very thin tho and theres not that much to drag up.


Obviously i dint have fresh layers put in, but before my dreads were created, i did have layered hair, do you think its because the top layer isnt as long as my longest ones??


And will the actual dreads themselves really thicken that much over time? :) :)

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well it depends on wich method was used to "create" them, if you did them with a crochet hoock they are likely to be too tight and thin but if you are patient and stop touching them they wil eventually loose up a bit and look fuller its gonna take a few months though depending on youre type of hair.

but it would help alot if you show us a picture of the condition of youre dreads

greets bene

Yeah, they were made with a hook... They were quite loose, but tighten up really quickly.

Will get a pic up soon.


Thanks for yur comment, will speak again with a pic. :)

the hook is to blame thats absolutely horrible for dreads and will make thenn 1/3 as thick as a heakthy dread weak stiff scratchy and severely damaged throw the hook away and eventualy they will thicken up but they have to loosen up 1st u have a good 6 months or longer to recover from that damn hook

ppl need o learn never to crochet dreads


Thank you guys... I appreciate your comments.


I am indeed ejoying them, and do just wash and seperate. I dont really have to do much to maintain them, they seem to be doing it themselves, i was just concerned on how thin they were. (I will get a pic up soon).


I didnt really look into the methods of creating the dreads, i just let a freind do it. They aren't in a massively bad state, i'm just really looking forward to having the nice full and long dreads i have alwayd wanted! :D

I sometimes spray my dreads with a home made spray i make up from some natural oils and water, will this help soften and loosen them at all? :)

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