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dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ left a comment for L.D.50
"welcome i hope u only crochetted once to start its extremely bad for dreads "
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dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ left a comment for Megan Palmer
"welcome but crochets not maintenance its destruction please please please dont crochet her dreads"
16 minutes ago
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"Actually, this days I've been thinking/experienced some sort of things now. Is like... I have…"
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Shane Northern replied to Ibe Reverie's discussion I be Reverie - Knotty since birth.
"Awesome man! I'm not that far along yet. I've actually forgotten, just know its not been…"
8 hours ago
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This is for newbies or seasoned dread lovers who are not ashamed to show off their progress in…See More
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April Parker said
"Listening to my (well everybody's right?) favorite song before bed Bohemian Rhapsody. Freddy Mercury. Nuff said. 'Night :)"
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Ibe Reverie replied to Ibe Reverie's discussion I be Reverie - Knotty since birth.
"Ah my fifteen months is tomorrow. So I am pretty excited for that. I will try and get some pictures…"
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Shane Northern replied to Ibe Reverie's discussion I be Reverie - Knotty since birth.
"Whats up man? You're journey looks a lot like my journey lol. Lookin pretty awesome. "
12 hours ago

I've had my locs for 10 months and don't see the problem of going to get them done or twisting them yourself, NOONE ive ever know with locs has had hair loss. I have african american hair btw.

I feel like as  long as you dont twist too often  you should be ok. I only retwist once a month.

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sure can  but having 300 i dount that skinny

yea light palm roling isnt gonna do much harm many do it alot more agressib[vly to the point of creating heat thats when its harmful

i have 1 dread thats literaly as thin as the letter l on your screen and thats actualy 3 dreads congoed

and even tho its like.. 1 milimete5=r by 2 milimiter  irs a good 4 feet ling and strong

but now i think its congoed with a much thicker 1  now

i still havgfe alot of dreads so finding that 1  is hard and i only accidentlu[y find it fery few months or so  justto reminbd me its t=]still there but i think lasttime i saw it it was joined to a thicker congo near the roots

Tied up in knots said:

Why can't you grow skinny locks free-forming? I have some very thin free-form locks starting in my hair right now. Even the section is tiny. If they start skinny why can't you continue to separate them and keep them that way?

Not commenting on the video. Just asking about skinny freeform locks.

Thanks for the responses. Just wanting to continue learning about dreadlocks!

Just re-sharing this because her locs are such beautiful african locks without the twisting...anyone think they don't look taken care of?

holy shit.  From what I have read here in this tread, everything I was doing to my hair from about 1 year old was wrong!!  WTF?  lol.  So, maintaing dreads will cause breakages etc.  Shit, I know when I was younger and I had straight hair I had lots of hair stuck in my brush.  Damit, my I always knew mums know nothing!!!  haha.  can't stop laughing now. 

what have you been doing to them?

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