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16 veckor

"The draeds are starting to increase in number. Now I'm at 16 weeks of neglect.This small one…"
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I be Reverie - Knotty since birth.

I am back, as a couple of you may know, under a new alias. I would frequent this site regularly,…See More
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"Ah so beautiful and loving sooooo much fun. You both will be great keepers of the fur!"
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"yes patience is key, and one of the reasons I went natural instead of having fake dread put on my…"
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"better drive small cars or get flat as a bloody pancake"
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"Every time I think he can't get any cuter, he does the most adorable things"
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dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to Mujtaba Ali's discussion Dreadlock wax - who fell for it? and what did you do with leftover wax?
"make a youtube vid demonstrating all the reasons wax is a bad idea siggestions coat a rag in…"
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crafty crafters
Pip Herbst loved Graciela Valderrama's photo
20 hours ago
there aren't many dreadheads. It's sad, I wish there were more! When I'm out and about I never see any, EVER! But I do live right in the middle of the bible belt (Oklahoma). Anyone else live in a place like this?

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i used to live in nebraska. i feel your pain

They are around... Just have to look in the right places. 

Makaila said:
Yeah, I know where youre coming from. My town has a lot of different people and its not small at all, I just dont know where the dreads are! haha

Shanxon Lemasters said:
My area is like that quite a bit actually, I know one person who has dreadlocks from my town, but he moved to a different state, I know one who lives 20 mins away who just started his journey shortly before mine, and I know of one guy from the capital (columbus an hour away)who's in a band, and I saw someone about 7 years ago who worked at the Zoo also in columbus but have no idea if she is still around. It is very saddening as I have no one near me to discuss this with. I have many people tell me they admire me and my hair and that they can totally see me having them and it wouldn't have even surprised them while I was in High School to have taken this leap but there are so little people around that actually have them it makes me wonder, my town seems to be two extremes....strung out drug addicts or richie rich peeps not many people that fall into the middle category :P

I live in South Florida, there are a lot of Carribean immigrants so it is actually the opposite for me. The thing is alot of them get them "manicured" by family, friends or a loctician.

i live in las vegas nv.iv honestly seen 4 dudes with dreads and 1 girl.i was a little surprised since its vegas and all and its usually quite diverse:)

lysergic.nightshade and Chris Atchison I share your pain lol.  I am also from Kentucky and where I live I know of 1 other guy that has dreadlocks that is white, the rest are black.  Most people usually make ignorant comments like your trying to be black because you have dreadlocks and blah blah blah.  A big portion of the people where I live are unaware of the dreadlock culture and believe the myths that people who have dreadlocks are nasty and don't wash their hair.  There are bad apples in every bunch but I am constantly explaining myself to people about why I have dreadlocks.  I go through the 20 questions every time I mention it or someone sees my hair.  People around here are assuming before they get the facts and it really annoys me.  This equates to people from out of state who still thing we don't wear shoes here.

Desirae Rose said:

Where I live, I see some people with locs.  Like, if I go out and pay attention I can probably find at least one or two people with locs.  I can always see a few at the mall, too, if I wait around long enough.  But what is the most rare is seeing other girls with them and black freeformers.  Where I live, I mainly see white guys and black guys with locs.  Hardly any females at all, and when I do see others with locs, I practically never see another black freeformer like myself.  The white people and non-black people I see half of the time look like they're freeforming, but when it comes to seeing other black people with locs here, it's highly manicured locs all the way.


Basically, the order of who all I see with locs, in order from most to few, goes like this:


- Black guys with locs

- White guys with locs

- Black females with locs

- White females with locs

- Non-black and non-white person with locs

- Black freeformers, especially female


That's why if there's an event in town it's like a treat for my eyes because I can find someone with locs there.

Why yes! Howdy neighbor, lol. I live in OK too. Blackwell to be exact. It's a pretty small town and I am pretty sure I am the ONLY person with dreads in the surrounding area. One good thing though...if anyone notices my hair, they don't say anything. They just get a really strange look on their face and act a little funny. But I don't mind. I love being me. I love my hair and I refuse to go back to fighting it everyday, just to try and get it to conform to society. (as if any part of me ever conformed to social stigmas, lol.) 

Louisiana is pretty bad, mostly rednecks here.

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