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MamaEmmelia replied to Coco Chloe's discussion Homeschool/unschool folks?
"We are homeschoolers, & I was homeschooled as a child too. =) We do Charlotte Mason (how I was…"
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"Also, just FYI...I have very fine hair. It's not thick, but not necessarily thin either. Just…"
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Starting over; the shape of my locks.

Hey y'all! It's been a while! Just some quick history: I had a set of locks that lasted two years.…See More
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Dread Journal / Questions about Dread Health, Etc

First things first, a general thanks to everyone who contributes to the practical, unbiased and…See More
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Very mature dreads that always thin at the ends.

Hello,I'm hoping you lot might be able to help. I've had dreads for the last 20+ years, generally…See More
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dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to Callalala_KnOtTy...'s discussion Washing Dreads.
"u can use it as often as u want but long term it may weaken hair is…"
21 hours ago
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" thank you so much! how often should I do this as I begin "
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chris replied to Callalala_KnOtTy...'s discussion Washing Dreads.
"thank you Jesse, want to try it but didn't know the mix "
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chris replied to Callalala_KnOtTy...'s discussion Washing Dreads.
"what are some of the residue free shampoos. I am starting this natural dread journey tonight!!!!! I…"
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dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to Callalala_KnOtTy...'s discussion Washing Dreads.
"1  part baking soda 10 parts warter add a few drops of any essentisl oils u want mix pour…"
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dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ left a comment for Bente
"welcome i hope no wax or crochet was used"
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dread gurus
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"welcome but stop the crochet and palm rolling your at 1 month why would u need maintenance when…"
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dread gurus
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"welcome natural would have worked but bronners wont work in hard water areas natural works in any…"
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I have received quite a few compliments on my dreads. Of course, compliments are pretty rare... for me anyway when it comes to things like this. Every now and then, I always encounter that person that tells me or even asks me about retwisting. A co worker today was talking about retwisting and what not,and I told him that I like natural dreads (and I forgot to mention that I don't like the look of retwisted dreads.) It really hurt me though. He wasn't trying to offend me, nor do I have anything against him, but it just hurts me a little for some reason. :/

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did you tell him that retwisting will cause r=the dreads to thin break and worse cause traction alopecia and balding?

look at the salon thatr just posted pictutes for a great example of why you dont want to ever retwist

just tell them why its soooo bad for the scalp and leave it at that

educate them

u can tell them that u dont want to go bald like this poor dude

u want a full head of healthy thick dreads like this dude

i realllly dont understand why anyone would think the twisted dreads look better

do u?

the 1st 1 im sure wasted a few thousand  dollars and will need a hair transplant

the second 1 never spent a cent just let em dread and they will last a lifetime

No, I don't think retwisted dreads look better. I like the natural ones much much better. I have pictures of my dreads when I first got them started (which was at a salon) and she did a great job starting them off. Of course, I wash and separate now, but some people want to get the idea that if you don't retwist your dreads that must mean you aren't taking care of them. I told him that I am taking care of my dreads and that natural dreads 'last longer'. I should have said 'are much healthier' instead. As for the thinning and balding... I didn't want to get into that since I haven't really learned much about how retwisting would cause that, but once I get a better understanding, I will be able to explain to others when they tell me to retwist.

As I was saying about my photos of when I first got them done, which was about..4 months ago... I like my dreads now better than when I first got them done. I have lots of dreads, so the scalp look wouldn't have even been noticeable, but that scalp look is what's considered "maintained". My dreads looked really flat and had no volume, but now they do. :-)

twisting pulls the hairs from a wide area intio thin dreads thinning the roots making them breal=k it pulls sideways on the hair folicule damaging the scalp so the hairs slip our-t and do not grow back

 the areas around the dreads get wisder and wider till they reach a point where they just become a general balding like jay sil[mmons's video shows

its called traction alopecia its caused nby..traction..tension  making the roots way too tight

look at any salon maintained dreads and u will see traction alopecia  either uin early stages or advanced

a salon posted pivs on here yesterdat=y that are shocking in how painfully tight the roots are every 1 of her clients will go bald

thats where i got pic number 1 from

You know... I think it's more of a cultural thing because I have seen white people with dreads and all of them I have seen looked natural and in my opinion...great. Though, just about every black person I have seen has their dreads retwisted sooo tight. I honestly hate that look and but to them it looks "neat". To each is own but I wouldn't ever want to do that to my dreads. So yeah, I think it's more of a cultural thing if anything at all. People influence each other, especially when you're a minority.

well  partialy right i mean rastas certainly dont go twisting theirs

and alot of caucasians live in that same fear and maun[intain other ways with crochet ab=nd wax etc

partialy its the whole you wont get a job with hair like that and  the fear of being associated with hiuselessnes poverty..try=u neglect that comes with mental illness

but also partialy its still the same ol misinformation  that dreads are hard to care for need to be  maintained  they are hard to wash so only a qualified loctician can wash them tc

its not strictly cultural cause  the phenomi]enon croc=sses all cultural borders its just how they are maintained that  changes and the african salons tend to  really crank the roots down  insanely tight and cause traction alopecia

but part of thats also that traction alopecfia is practivcly a part of the culture  starting with kids and very tight braids then corn rows and hairstyles that are real tight and left in for months or longer its kinda a norm to see it every day so they dont think its oy[ut of the ordinary until its really almost too late

Great point. I wonder why that is. It may have started as a tradition as society's standards change and now it's just become a norm I suppose. The feeling of dreads when they're really tight is very uncomfortable. I don't understand how some want to do it so bad.

My dreads aren't neglect though. I had them started using the 2 strand method,and I just wash them and separate them. I don't think that's considered neglect..... is it??

we call that natural surender   when u started with a method then surrendered to the natural process

did u see that salonsss pics? they are shocking

1 sec

Find more photos like this on dreadlocks forums

shocking huh?

people actualy pay to hacve this done?


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