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Washing more frequently okay?

so im at day 6 now at my neglect journey, i just tnr'd a couple of dreads yesterday though, but i…See More
21 minutes ago
Diane Circelli replied to ☮MamaKittyLove's discussion MamaKitty's Freeform Timeline! (Updated: 1m2w3d! 8/18/14)
"Your journey is amazing, and your dreads look so beautiful!"
37 minutes ago
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"Ty s.e."
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"Thanks ND!"
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bands and musicians
Eric Organiscak replied to Cam's discussion Fixing Damage from Long Term BS/ACV washing?
"I like using BS/ACV though. ;\  I've only been doing it for about a month now, once every…"
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crafty crafters
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Dread love

Today is a great day, I have been letting my hair dread naturally for the most part since Jan 1…See More
1 hour ago
NaturalDreads01 commented on Sarah's blog post Day 4!
"Wool tams are great btw.. The wool pillow thing is optional, not really needed..  My tam has…"
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"I had a similar problem, they actually tightened to be uncomfortable. Sadly I separated them but…"
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crafty crafters
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"I love this photo, the light shining. Your beads are beautiful. "
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Crazy separated congo

"Sweet! thanks love"
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NaturalDreads01 said
"I love all you dreadheads. :D :D lol. Wishing you all much love, peace, health and wealth!"
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"Hi Soaring Eagle! So I'm doing all of my research before I start my dread journey and I wanted…"
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interrstella loved Patience White's discussion I've never been more at home in myself.
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Marisa Melchiorre loved Patience White's discussion I've never been more at home in myself.
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2 hours ago
my dreads are 2 months old and im lovin emm :) and i use the non residue shampoo from dreadheadhq (thats the only product i use by them..wax is horrible) and im wondering what other shampoos are save for my dreads. like can i use any shampoo? or does it have to be non residue? the reason im askin is cuz my dreads just smell just like hair and have no scent to them and i want better smelling dreads. like can i use any shampoo from walmart or something?

Tags: clean, dreads, non, residue, shampoo

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Type it in the search bar up top.. I use dr bronners and baking soda tho.
u dont want residues u actualy can use any non condituioning shamoooo but its best notyt to if u want amazing smelling dreads the maylees garned bars in out shops (see links in menu) is ammmazzzinnnggggg heavenly (the scents overwhelming when u buy the bar untap it sit it out somewhere a day or 2 and the scent fades)
or u can do the baking soda deep cleanse add teatree rosemarty lavander hel lemon balm pepermint theres many options i wouldnt recopmend amy soap from walmart and i sure wouldnt recomend dreadheadhq..i recomend botycotting them at all costs

u can make your own or go with any all natural residue free..but the maylees garden soaps are amazing..i highly recomend em
thanks for the help. I'll definitly look into buyin the maylees garden soap
I've been using Aubrey Organics Tea Tree Clarifying Shampoo and my locks have tightened up so fast it's insane.
It's about $9 a bottle, but a bottle lasts me several months.
If there's a Trader Joe's nearby, try their Tea Tree Tingle shampoo. It's SLS, SLES free and has a ton of awesome botanicals and essential oils in there... peppermint and tea tree = happy scalp.
Some like Dr Bronners, I loved the minty tingle of the 'Mint one but it always softened my dreads *too* much. Maylee's soaps are great! Knotty Boy's soap works ok but like DHHQ I boycott them. Amy Lou and I have a new dreadlock soap in our etsy shop too, we only have the basic shampoo with rosemary/mint/lavender/tea tree but may make other scents eventually - it smells fantastic!

yea trader joes tingle shampoo feels good and it makes em tighter

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