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would love to have a few volunteers to take on some projects

call it outreach programs since alotta ppl get info from a variety of sourses like yahoo answers youtube etc

i would love it if  a few people volunteered to answer questions on these sites and or create instructional or informational posts/vids (in the case of youtube and others that are more like article sites then ask and get answer sites)

1st off lets compile a list of sites we can do this on and get 1 or 2 (or more) volunteers to pay attention to them

sites like yahoo answers youd search for questiins with dreads or dreadlocks in the question

then answer the question  and where it says reference provide links to further info here

like links to guides and discussions or even photos

tip in youtube vids the url you add to the description must be the full url includsing http:// not just

anyone already doing anything on any of these sites ?

ixchelle is already doing this on tumbler

there are dozens of facebook groups that could use a lil pop in on ocasionaly as well

i figure having 2 or 3 ppl on each would mean no one would have to pay attention to it every day ..and ofcourse we dont have to answer every single question however the more we do the better and the more of a diference yu can make

so..put together a list of sites orth paying attention to and  then decide who wants to work on which

(put this in help save my dreads cay=use you will be saving a hell of alot of dreads this way)

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i'm in a dread group on facebook i'd be happy to 'patrol'...

cool go for it

when we 1ast started out this site we had 2 ppl do yahoo answers and it really helped get the site going  we st=ill get a reasonable amount of ppl finding us through there even tho nobody actively answers questions there in likre 2 years..

awesome :)

I'd love to do something like that.

I couldn't do anything on Facebook though, cause I dont have one. I could go on other sites though; youtube, yahoo answers, ask, etc.

awesome :) ..go for it

I'm already on it on the dreadlocks group on reddit. Link back here every chance I get.

awesome ;)

i'd be happy to occasionally check google for ya. I'll just sort the links by date, then browse though. 

i'll do what i can to help. :)


i'll try to give yass an idea of how much its helped by the end of the month


you have been such a help to me and my dreadies. I would love to help you out with this! message me on here and ill give you my email address so we can communicate more effectively (emails go straight to my phone)

I've been meaning to look for dread groups on Facebook. Which are you a member of? After Monday I can start scouting the web as well-I spend a lot of time on pinterest, fb, and tumblr; I'd be willing to pay attention to yahoo answers as well. 

Mechell Arant said:

i'm in a dread group on facebook i'd be happy to 'patrol'...

all will help if u noticed i added a bew pinterest button that autio selects pictures when u click it

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