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dread gurus
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"this sites the only 1 u can fully trust for dread info most of the others are full of terible infoi"
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"Thank you. I was reading thru it yesterday.  I have been rocking an almost shaved head for…"
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dread gurus
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"awesome and yea we need more timelines like yours for sure"
40 minutes ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ left a comment for Marisa Melchiorre
"well you dont want to condition atall for the 1st year unless they zre getting dry and brittle…"
43 minutes ago
Claire replied to Diane Circelli's discussion Please help!
"Bummer about the Frontilne!  I hope that you figure it out soon for your little guy!!!"
54 minutes ago

dread gurus
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"welcome rainbow sister love you"
1 hour ago
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"Hej Sett og likt :)"
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interrstella loved Bear Scott's discussion Dreadlock Maintenance: A Cautionary Tale
3 hours ago
Kelly Kissel posted a photo
3 hours ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to ☮ soaring eagle ॐ's discussion mobile/tablet dreadlockssite users
"yes, its a seperate site till they merge, so create an account using the same signin email, then…"
3 hours ago

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4 hours ago
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Brazaysazen commented on Lily's photo

Aug 19,2014

"Are u game to trade a bead?wun u made ....?"
8 hours ago

crafty crafters
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11 hours ago

crafty crafters
rose phillips loved Bear Scott's discussion Dreadlock Maintenance: A Cautionary Tale
11 hours ago

Brazaysazen replied to ☮ soaring eagle ॐ's discussion mobile/tablet dreadlockssite users
"I tried sighning in with my email.n it said i dont have an account?"
12 hours ago
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12 hours ago

Brazaysazen posted a photo

beaver taip

Ive never seperated and now like 8 dreads have grown together at the roots for a good 3…
12 hours ago

bands and musicians
Jessica Reyes replied to Kayln Watts's discussion DREAD HELP!! does this look right?
"No. Brush it out. It looks as tho you made a pigtail. Just let your hair go natural."
12 hours ago

Day one looking like shit xD
Day two looking better 

got 51 dreads at the moment :D

Dreads at day 4 they are getting much better :) 


Am my dreads even dreading they have unraveled a lot and some totally disappeared?

Okay i suck at updating xD but here they are 4 days shy of 7 months!

I think its safe to say that its going well!

My tips are still not dreading but i guess it will come with time.

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if u got rubber bands in take em out

The minute you take the bands out, they will look 100% better

Yes, definitely take the bands out.  They will lay flatter to your head if you do and then the roots will get an opportunity to dread on their own.  Since it's TnR expect them to unravel a bit (if not completely) within the first month but don't fret: They will start to re-dread on their own.  No bands, just wash the scalp, and separate them as the loose hairs will try to tangle together.  Before you know it, you will be loving them  :)

Why not use rubber bands? :)

They restrict movement, and dreads need movement. Also, they can leave weak spots in the dreads, or can get stuck from all the hair. Difficult to remove, and if you ever lose one, it can end up rotting in your dread. Not nice. Use beads if you want something in your hair, but the rubber bands don't do anything, they just make people think their hair will stay together as dreads, but it doesn't. Dreads loosen and tighten, it's just what they do.

Almost finished taking them out :D

post a pic when you're done

Much better i even split 2 dreads to 4 and put some silver coils in :) 

See, much better.  I bet there's no more pressure on your scalp anymore

lookin good

Oh, that's much better already.  :)  How do they feel now?  Aside from the restriction of movement I find that rubber bands can make hairs stick to them and cause pulling.

Anyhoo, can't wait to see these progress!

They feel fantastic :D soft and nice.

Anyone know if my hair will dread faster if i wash them every day with:

Dr.Bronners Magic Tea Tree Liquid Soaps?

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