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Dreadlock wax - who fell for it? and what did you do with leftover wax?

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I've had dreadlocks for about. 5 months now. But I regret that I have made ​​them so thick. I have extensions in my dreads, so thought of cutting them off and make some thin dreads instead. Are there some who have done it before?

They're pretty thin at the scalp already, so i don´t think i have to take them out completely. 

Hoping for some help or some good advice. :)


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if theyre thin at the scalp just take off the extentions
o and throw away the crochet hook thats extremely bad for dreads

Hmm. I made all my dreads with a crochet hook? but im not really using it now. :) 

Do you mean i should make some thinner extensions or? I have the extentions because i want to have long dreads. My "real" hair is only 4 inches, so.. 

they will get longer ..crochets just bad for them if u did it once its not gonna kill them  its not a good way to start and absolutely horrible to use to maintain but as long as you stopped using it they recover


i would just leave the extentions off however measurew the area where the hair comes out of the scalp not the dread thickness itself because crochet makes thick dreads thin, they may get 3 times thicker as they recover from crochet can you take a close picture of the scalp and roots?


thank you for the help. yes I can try. :) 


I have just colored them. they are very red now, not quite as I wanted dem. I tried to bleach them first, but it did'ent work out like it should. :s 



what do you do instead of the crochet hook?
i think your red hair looks cool goes with your dead pale skin,suits you
i agree with lunn! :) but are you asking what else there is besides crochet hook to start your dreads? or what else is there to maintain your dreads? because if its the first one, there are many methods. Natural/Neglect and TnR are the best, because they are much less damaging and hold a dread better, Crochet and backcomb are VERY harmful. you should read the whole dreaducation page. And if the second question is the one your asking, they maintain themselves! every loose hair you have or loops/bumps and anythingthat comes un-done will over time dread itself into a new dread or combine with an existing dread. throw away that crochet hook! unless your going to make a tam :)
Also, your section size at the root looks nice, i think your dreads will be garrgous matie!

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