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"I proved this Vicki's shampoos. Liquid: Nag Champa - Masala wonderful smell same of the…"
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New and Restarting!

So this is my first post.I am restarting my hair. I did the twist and rip method on my hair a month…See More
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"Is there such a thing as too many beads? I went a little bead crazy today. Posting pics after this."
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Baking soda is AMAZING!!

I am still figuring out how to post here so I can start my timeline pics. But for now I just want…See More
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A Work In Progress

This is for newbies or seasoned dread lovers who are not ashamed to show off their progress in…See More
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Im having an issue with small white lint or dust embedded in my locks, what is good for removing…See More
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"What did you use on your tips??"
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to Michael John Heath's discussion Nice smelling hair
"nag champa is my fave  goddess for the goddesses out there  they all smell awesome just a…"
5 hours ago
So, I haven't officially started my dreads, although I want to, and the big reason is up in the thread title. 

Technically, I am still a member of the US Military, the Air Force to be more specific. I voluntarily and honorably separated to raise my child. 

I say technically because while I no longer wear the uniform, perform normal duties, or receive benefits (active duty), I may be called upon at any time so that they may evaluate my facilities, should they need to call me back into service (war, national/state emergencies, and/or disaster relief). This means that I must be able to present myself in the highest military standard that I can at any given time. 

The military does not allow dreads, largely for safety reasons (inability to properly fit a helmet, gas mask, etc), and for cosmetic reasons as well (not neat and professional looking). 

So what's a woman to do? Should I hold off on dreads for the next 6 years? Or does anyone know a sure way to release hair without cutting that can be accomplished in a relatively fast manner?

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u can comb them out we also have a member here whos trying to get a religios exemption from thye no dreads rule (coast guard) so you can talk tio him and get a petition started like he did.


That can be very difficult. I am willing to join the petition, but I can see their argument.

Even if I had the most beautiful dreads, but I cannot enjoy them when I'm dead due to an inability to fit a helmet or gas mask. 

I can imagine them setting a ton of guidelines.  But, I figure, if African Americans can have braids, why not thin and well kept dreads as well?

☮soaringeagleॐ said:

u can comb them out we also have a member here whos trying to get a religios exemption from thye no dreads rule (coast guard) so you can talk tio him and get a petition started like he did.


if i was grow my dreads and spend every momment of semi civilian life working to maske your military service iunesacary

if your hair will get you killed  then being bald  and where theyd send u wont be all that much safer will it.. being in the military..your purpose is to kill more of "them" before they can kill too many of you

theyre putting you there without body armor..with a helmet that will stop a rock but not a bullet or bomb..the chances of gas getting you b4 a bullet are slim

but they are puutting you harms way..while u have kids at your whole lifes purpose should be dedicated to making sure not only you but any of the other military dont have to be put in front of a bullet or bomb

peace is as easy as not warring but we have poloticiands hell bent on going to war even whebn theres no cause to with almost no attempts at peaceful while your waitting to be called up to fight you have free time to worktowards peace  so thered be no nred to die

6 years of peace..doesnt sound like such a hard thing does it?

yet our briliant leaders have us in 1 conflict after another after another non stop to justify a massive budget thats pretty much made us owned by...guess wgho..china...oyur insistance on being the world police and the most powerful nation has made us..owned by yup..comunist nations ..yea but we think capatilism is the only legit system hagha


srry mean no offence just find polotics ..comical..cause if u dont laugh u gotta be terified



u realize the safest nation on earth right now has disbanded theyre military entirely? the old lie that letting down your guard opens you up to invasion has been proven wrong  but we..with tghe biggesrt milirary in the world..are the most in danger anywhere onm earth..



so u should be spending all your time making the military service obsolete  so you can wear dreads without fear of gas  or bullets



just my opinion

no offence

Oh, I completely agree, SE. I do not like what the US military stands for today. O joined because I viewed it as a legitimate way to get out of my town and have a chance at college. It kinda' did, but I put my child before my career and quit so that she can actually have a mommy instead of a stranger who is gone 14 hours a day to bring in bacon. 

The only war I could possibly agree about fighting is one hat would end with the freedom of the North Koreans. I spent my first year in South Korea. I love that country and it's peoples and I am genuinely hurt when I see images of those suffering people. Sure there could be a peaceful revolutions, but I really don't see that happening ):

the people always have the power but the people have to believe in the power of the people

the problem is..people actualy believe governments are all powwerful so they give all theyre power to the governments

if the people refused to recognise the governenmts power over them then what is the government but a few scared ppl afraid of the millions of ppl waiting to take them down

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