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NaturalDreads01 replied to Patience White's discussion I've never been more at home in myself.
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crocheted dreads become weak and are much more high maintenance than any other dreads.
every time you push a crochet hook through a dread to pull in 1 loose hair you break dozens maybe even hundreds of other hairs. this slowly weakens the dread, while the broken hairs then find theyre way back out requiring more crochet to pull in the hairs broken by fixing the damage caused by crocheting
this process never ends
year after year you continue dammage and dammage repair till the dreads are so weak they break
the average crochet dread requirews 5-15 hours work a week

in addition, the dreads get a very woven look this looks very different from thre natural growth so crochetting must continue to keep that uniform woven look

if you crochet in the beginning a few times then stop you can recover
but continued crocheting will become a lifelong habit

its not worth it

the average crochet dreads take more work per week then i put into mine in 20 years
why make extra work for yourself?

Tags: crochet, crocheted, crocheting, dreadlock, dreadlocks, dreads, hook

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Would it do much damage if you just crochet them once? with no products?

define..too much damage

would they fall off no but they will take 6 months before they even begin to dread properly and will get extra fuzzy from the broken hairs

why would u want to do thaat ever


I dont know just a question because I know a lot of people who have problems with their dreads growing, sometimes get those extensions put in by crocheting them in.. Dont really see the point though

they dont have problems with their dreads growing they have problems waitting for them to grow..theres a difference


I know but my cousin has problems with hair growth and her hair is so thin, she doesn't even have dreads..

ok. after 17 months of locks and crochet - i've had enough.

From now on I'll stop knitting my dreadlocks . btw- the girl who  maintain them for me- every 4 months or so -  grow  dreads for 7 years.

 What are the alternatives for a  neat look?  

they look beautiful if u just leave em alone but use a lil aloe to tame the frizz if u need to

the frizz will go away on it's own. Mine are now 8month old, started with the crochet hook and now there's almost no frizz any more :)

ok, thanks. " aloe" = aloe vera?

roni said:

ok, thanks. " aloe" = aloe vera?

Thanks, Evelyn. as for "fake" dreads: 

Discussions regarding 'authentic' versus 'fake' dreads, are a little
problematic to me. It recalls the old arguments about "nature" /
"culture, socialization process, etc…

Some of us must keep a neat appearance, and are therefore cannot
"go nature".

Personal note:  In my country, hook crochet
is the most  - if not the only- popular. method.

Did not go to a salon but to a young, talented  woman. I love my dreads and  have to deal on daily basis with remarks, some
of them nasty.

I find this site helping and educated. disappeared in recent months due
to family matters - and trying to catch up.

aloe=aloe vera yes some other aloe varieties are toxic and skin iritants and will make your skin feel like its being attacked by fire ants so if u get a plant be sure its aloe vera

and the fake isnt meant to be derogatory but just how they look fake looking manufactured indistinguishable from a dread wig or synthetic extentions

thanks. might buy a cream.

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