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dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ left a comment for Zoraida Miranda
"welcome are u using thed natural/neglect method then?"
25 minutes ago
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"Thanks :)"
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crafty crafters
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11 months today

All natural neglect
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d 507

12 days for 17 months
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dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to CoriElaine's discussion Having issues Updating Timeline..Help?
"ifu hgave the curser at thetop thats wherethey insert  so  click or use down aqrrow move…"
8 hours ago
CoriElaine replied to DRS's discussion Baking Soda/Vinegar results...
"Did youever get the wax b gone and get that shit out of your lovely hair? :)"
9 hours ago
CoriElaine replied to Matt Simone's discussion ~~I Fell Victim to Dreadheadhq~~
"That would make an AWESOME shirt!!  "
9 hours ago
CoriElaine replied to Matt Simone's discussion ~~I Fell Victim to Dreadheadhq~~
"Isn't Barrellady awesome? Good luck on your journey!"
9 hours ago
CoriElaine replied to Supa Dread's discussion My Dread ressurrection from wax to natural
"Wow lookin great man. Im so glad youor dread could be saved! :) There are a handful of African boys…"
9 hours ago
CoriElaine replied to ☮ soaring eagle ॐ's discussion loops lumps kinks and zig zags in dreadlocks
"Flat dreads are totally normal. It happens from sleeping a lot on that spot, tying hair back…"
9 hours ago
CoriElaine replied to ☮ soaring eagle ॐ's discussion loops lumps kinks and zig zags in dreadlocks
"At two years now, a lot of my loops and whatknot ;D have settled down. the neglect ones (also the…"
10 hours ago
CoriElaine replied to MoorZ's discussion Lockin up liquid safe for mature dreads?
"Yup should be fine. MY dreads are at two years and I mostly use the bars, but I do use the liquid…"
10 hours ago
CoriElaine posted a discussion

Having issues Updating Timeline..Help?

I was trying to update my timeline and add some recent photos, but whenever I do they go all the…See More
10 hours ago
CoriElaine replied to CoriElaine's discussion My TnR/Neglect Timeline :D
"that's so awesome! Pretty much thet same way for me also! I only did about a row a month…"
10 hours ago
CoriElaine replied to Cynthia Luxford's discussion Am I too old to start dreadlocks for the first time?
"NEVER TOO OLD!! There are a lot of older women on this site with lovely dreadies :) GO FOR IT! <3"
10 hours ago

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vip supporters
LionsMane commented on ☮ soaring eagle ॐ's page dreadheadhq and knotty boy bad dread products real reviews
"I bought a a Knotty Boy "dread kit" years ago. Worst purchase I ever made; threw…"
10 hours ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ left a comment for Carmela
"2 what methods what why do i suspect your just a spammer"
14 hours ago
a new member was just telling me about a dread in his town who has his dreads "retightened" at a salon every month
he spends 50$ every month to retighten pencil thin dreads (not sure if that meanss interlocking twisting or crochet) hes had his dreads for 7 years ...and doesnt have a car
the grand total spent just on the retightening which ofcourse is totaly unesacary is $4,200
if hed simply skipped the useless retightening he could afford s car


Tags: cost, dreads, maintenance, price, retightening, roots, salon

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dang thats true
Salons aren't always what they seem. With changing trends, Salon dreads are all the hype right now. I even bought into it after knowing someone who had salon dreads that I once thought were gorgeous. She suggested I see her stylist.

I had a salon nearly ruin my dreads with a "dread perm" and then want me to go back for regular tightening (which by the way folks anyone can do it home, as they use known techniques and instead of rubber bands they use thread to tie in the hair). My dread hair is so brittle now from chemicals. You wouldn't know it from my pictures but, I have had to combine and am still slowly combining dreads that are waaay thinner than pencils and about to break off (those dreads are hidden around the larger healthier ones). Literally I have dreads so thin I can count the hairs easily as they only hang by about 12! I have taken hair from my hairbrush and dreaded it into the weaker dreads hoping to feed their weakspots. Doesn't sound great does it? Beware fellow dreads of salon disasters and greed.
the guy i was helping who told me about this guy had a dread perm last week his skin was on fire itching and burning from the chems he was told not to wash till he got wax (she used some other bunk cause she was out of wax)
the woman left the perm crap on 3 times longer thenm recomended becausde "his hair was too healthy" so she purposly was trying to destroy his haor
the "dreads" looked very loosely twisted and held together with gunk
they looked terrible (no offence brother and dont worry we'
'll fix u up)
we washed him out last night and will see from there wether to let em dread naturaly or twist n rip

untill i started congoing i had 1 dread that was a micro dread 1 milimeter by 2 flattish and that was a congo 2 extremely thin dreads combined
like u said literaly formed out of just a couple hairs
but because it was healthy it was over 5 feet ling without breaking
Yeah seriously, that's a ridiculous price. When I was really worried about mine, I was gonna have a guy fix them, but he said he'd have to get rid of them and make completely new ones for 300 euro!!! No way!!
I tried this jamaican women last year. When i first called she said she would charge $80, but when i got there and told her i wanted thin dreads, like pinky width, she said it would take longer and bumped up the price to $200. I was excited to start so i agreed to pay. As she started, she pulled out synthetic hair and started my "permanent" dreads by glueing the fake hair to mine and twisting it to what looked like dread. I was concerned so i asked why she was using synthetic hair, her response "this is how everyone does it, even blacks". I thought she knew what was up since she was jamaican, but i was totally wrong. After 7 hours and her bumping up the price another $50, i went home and started looking up info on temporary dreads. Turns out her "permanent" dreads were temporary, but she made them permanent by using glue. Anyway it took my about a month to find the time to comb it out (with school and all), fortunately i got it all out! and i have started a new set. What was ridiculous is that she said i would have to go back to her every month for an $80 maintenance. First time i had ever been scammed.
salons are such scams
oh man cakll him send him here to our site the salon will screw him up!!
dreeading hair u gotta save him from such a bad mistakewith perfect f
and who knows how badly they;ll mess him up yoo
ive seen them do dread perms oh hair that dreaded overnight
and use glue to blunt ends
i hsave never once heard of a good salon dread story..not 1 satisfied customer..

yikes, this discussion has been helpful. I know some dreadheads who go to salons to get their dreads re-tightened and redone. I was even considering maybe going myself...but i'm gathering here that everything they will do i can do at home, right?

My dreads were made by a retail business that specializes only in dreadlocks using the crochet hook and no wax or chemicals etc and because my hair was quite short at the time I got synthetic extensions which were tied in with the crochet hook (no glue) or anything like that, I hated the synthetic extensions so I cut them out, I found a loctician just around the corner from ware I live and went there 4 or 5 Times for maintenance which seamed pointless as a week or so later my was hair back to what it was before I went ...   and then I found this site and now I do nothing other than what SE and other members advised me to do.

So now instead of spending money on loctician's I just DONATE to this site ;-)   

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