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To many of the new comers this discussion might not make much sense, but for those who have been having dreadlocks for a while, you might connect and identify. But I still want to share it with everyone equally. When you think benefits, maybe what comes first to your mind is not having to do your hair, or not having a bad hair day, having a cool hair style, or maybe not having to wash your hair everyday (sometimes misinterpreted). But there's definitely more benefits to your inner self than just a hair styles when you get dreads.

First, when you decide to get dreadlocks, you are doing a commitment because it sure is going to take a long time. You discover you have the courage to do it your way and not care what others are doing or thinking about you. Would that be considered as pumping up your self-esteem? Maybe and that is beneficial to other aspects of your life.

The moment you start growing your hair, you will think about if you are making the right decision. If you have the patience to let it grow, you are now learning to be a patient person. Very beneficial to other aspects of your life as well.

One other thing that I think its important to mention is the way your dreadlocks look. Some people get amazing looking dreadlocks without much effort, while others put a lot of effort and don't get their own individual desirable results. Having loose hairs perhaps is a good example. To some it might be hard at the beginning, but you learn to live and accept your dreads just the way they are. This will help you accept yourself just the way you are as well.

One last thing that comes to my mind is that by having dreadlocks, you are more connected to nature itself. Before having dreadlocks, I didn't appreciate nature as much as I appreciate it now. How great and exciting is nature and its delicate balance. As it has been said before, you get dreadlocks, you don't do them. They form in their own natural way. I am now inspired on how great nature is. There's not many mountains or glaciers or deserts here in Florida, but we still have the beauty of beaches and oceans with their waves. I now appreciate all that natural beauty that surrounds this peninsula. And yes I now go to google pictures and look up mountains, deserts, glaciers, valleys, rivers, and even caves to admire their natural beauty, and see how mother nature has shaped them.

I'm certain that I've missed many other benefits and I invite you guys to give me some thoughts and other benefits that dreadlocks have given you.

-Andres :)

Tags: beauty, benefitial, benefits, commitment, courage, decision, dreadlocks, dreads, hair, life, More…loose, natural, patient, self-esteem, time

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very nice thread
dreads also open you to spiritual energies and higher wisdoms
ive also seen anorexia and body image issues cured by dreading after all dreading is te ultimate acceptence of the selfs naturalness as well as abandonment of control (anorexics are often about not aving control over teyre lives so control te 1 tying they intake..dreading alows tem to let go of te need to control and at same time give up caring wat others think)
dreads give you the courage to stand out in te crowd face ridicule and critisism they make you strong in character and secure ijn your self

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