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Day 1 vs Day 52

My hair is still going strong, haven't seen as much shrinkage as there was at about 4 weeks, but…
11 hours ago

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"the frizz gets better over time the only way to temp control it thats safe and wont just cause more…"
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"welcome u definably came to the right place to be informed  start by reading the dreaducation…"
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Day 3 ends, but the journey continues on.

A picture from the end of day 3 of not doing anything to my hair, but yesterday was the first day…
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"Nope, no products at all... Is there  way to control part of the frizzies? "
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"Thx S.E"
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"stub u did no wrong  your post was great it was just that 1 guy causing chaos"
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"good to see ya again"
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"I'm so sorry that I posted that uni-dread post. I never meant for it to be so controversial. I…"
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I've been a slacker!

I was doing really well tracking my progress, then life came up! :P Things have been going…See More
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" products i hope/ but stop rolling it does nothing at all helpful but does cause…"
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Organic Dreadlocks 409 Days, (1 year 44 Days).

"They are looking lovely, Allan! "
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"oh so u all were reading it and felt the same way   you could chhime in anytime :) the…"
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18 hours ago

Hi, Hope this is the right place to post. I'm new here. so heres a little story how i came way to close to combing out my new dreads last night! (don't worry they are still safe)

So last night my sis in law and I we're looking through her wedding pics, i was made of honour and had very long dark brown curly hair. And I had that horrible feeling when I looked at the photo and said "I miss my long curlies" to which my bestie went on to say how beautiful my hair looked on the day.

I'm a bit impulsive and though for a brief second right thats it wheres the comb. But something made me wait. And now I wake up with my lil dreads still there and feeling happy about it now. I mean it was so tough seeing those pics, But I've chosen this journey to not be a slave to my image anymore and he identity i found in it. I cut my hair pretty short about 7mnths before dreading as I had a lot of comments about looking like someone famous even from strangers and it was kinda embarrassing as I actually like the actress! so off came the hairs. I am a drama student myself and have done some film work. But I know for a life choice as fun as it is, that is not the life I want to live. I want to train to be a drama therapist, and be a good steward in caring for the planet. And this set of dreads is  like me nailing my colours to the mast. 

This is my new image, as yes family and friends say the liked my curly hair better. But this is me now. 

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if you dont own a comb you have to buy 1 in or5der to comb them out that added delay maybe enough to come to your senses so ..throw all your combs away

SE this is a great idea! now I know what people mean when they say they throw away the combs literally. Thanks for your replies to my posts!

I'm glad to hear your dreadies are safe :-D. I'm glad I don't have that issue, I look at old pics of me and really don't miss my old hair. Plus I don't think I could ever comb mine out, one I don't own a comb and two I wouldn't have the heart to
Yea I know my hairs will look great and DO look great now. I do kinda wish I'd gone natural method to see what my crazy curls would have done. But tbh the little becombing I did do, they didn't even stick up that much and there comin all unraveled and going all curly which I love! I wonder if its possible to have curly dreads when they are mature. That would be cool. Thanks for posting, yours look great in your profile pic.
Thanks :-) I've seen pics where their dreads were curly but idk if they had curled them for something or if it was natural

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