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Im needy (:

8 days in. It's probably normal, just need reassurance. Looks like a nest on the back if my head.…
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Should I be conditioning my dreads? I've only had them for 8 days.
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4 years

4 years naturally locking
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Im sure this is already posted somewhere, but I am terrible at navigating the internet, so stay with me on this one....

So, my husband backcombed my hair this past friday night. I havent washed it, but it is slowly but surely falling out. I backcombed it all again and it's really tight now, so I put rubber bands on the ends to make sure it doesnt fall out again. Can anyone tell me if I should take them out, leave them in, and if so how long? Thanks a ton!

Tags: backcombed, bands, ends, fall, hair, husband, out, rubber

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backcombing falls out..thjats what it does

backcombing is not really part of the dreading progress, its just an illusion to0 make ya feel like you accomplished somethjing..dreading takes time not efforrt

leaving the bands in a few days will hold em together a few days, but any longer your screwing yourself
yourt hair needs to find its own way to dread..even if it basicly returned to normal it will still dread over time
dont worry bout it..
if ya do anything just take out the bands and add beads insrtead
then forget all about it awhile
after a few weeks or months it will be dreading great

i would very highly recomend you do not try to0 rebackcomb... backcombings very aggressive and damaging..the more you do to make it tight from day one the more dammage your gonna do..

expect loosining then lumping kinking looping and totaly crazy changes over time till they settle in

love the changes dont pannic when they dio what drewads do

this is the backcombers typical responce
help i backcombed my hair 4 dayse ago and they are doing what dreads need to do to do i fix it?

let em dread

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