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Naya Friel loved Jasper's photo
As some of you may be aware, tams and slouchy (oversized beanies) Are all the rage here in the UK at the moment. SO finding a tams one would think shouldn't be problem. WELL not exactly, all of the readily available tams here seem to have man made products in them that send me running for the hills rather than willing to put them on my natty crown.

In my searching online I came across this seller:

Who has a selection of tams made from all natural materials, Wool, Cotton, Linen, Silk and Bamboo.

Now I am aware of the benefits for the hair of a Wool tam, but these other natural materials, do they share the same benefit for dreads, or do they even have adverse effects that I should steer clear of.

For example in the afro dread hair community, it is passed around that you should sleep on a silk or satin pillow or wear a du-rag. I must admit that currently I have draped and pinned silk fabric to my pillow (couldn't be bother to make a pillow case) and I do use a du-rag, however it just doesn't make sense to me how my dreads can benefit from me moving around in the night if I have them tied down tight to my head.

Please guys, enlighten me

Thank You

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I am pretty sure the silk and the du-rag are to keep your hair from getting nappy, which in your case is not actually helpful. Wool promotes dreading the most because it tangles your hair up more then something smooth like bamboo would. Silk would have little to no resistance at all, so it would make the lease knots in your hair. movement also makes knots, so the du-rag is keeping your hair from moving, which slows down knotting.

So basically let your hair move around by wearing no hat (or a slouchy wool hat) and by sleeping on wool.
I hope this makes sense.
dont wear a du rag thats false and the silk is only to keep lint out silk doesnt cause lint to be stuck in dreads never wear a du rag

any hat will be a hat but only woll will do what wool does

if u are vegan and object to wool hemp or bamboo is ok
but wont do what wool does
I wrap a wool scarf around my pillow when I sleep
I started doing this a few weeks ago and it works very well.

Vates said:
I wrap a wool scarf around my pillow when I sleep
The du-rag is preventing your hair to move at night is that is not a good idea, If i were you i'd get the wool tam.

im kinda weird in a sense cause

i dont sleep with a pillow i have a couple of wool blankets

and i use those for pillows so you could try that if possible

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