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  • note: the following is a very old post the info is  only partially correct with these exceptions
  1. never use lemon juice in the recipe nor in dreads
  2. the corrected ratios of baking soda to water is 1-10 1 part baking soda to 10 parts water
  3. although this is excelent as a deep cleanse or  as a no touch method helpful during the early neglect knotting stages its use long term may weaken hair, especialy if the wrong ratios asre used

we had a plumbing explosion last week on the day i usualy wash my dreads, so, had to go an extra week without washing..yuck i felt gross i really dont understand how some people can go 6 months without washing, after 2 weeks my scalp was a disaster

but, from the nastiness came complete cleanliness with ease

1'st i'll explain what i used to get super clean, then explain some modifications that can be used for different issues

i made an extra strong batch this time, but my basic recipe is 1/3-3/4 cup baking soda (not powder, i use arm and hammer) toss that in a big juice pitcher (bout a gallon size) then i add 10 or so drops teatree oil, 20-30 drops rosemary oil 20-30 drops lavander oil (i'll explain why i use these in a sec)

then just spray in water till its about 2/3-3/4 fill, take my hand and reach all the way to the bottom of the pitcher and stir while squeezing any clumps to break em up.. once its pretty clumpless i fill the pitcher to the top then close your eyes and pour it over your scrubbing needed at all, so very gentle on delicate baby dreads

then i wash everything else while its soaking just leave it soak as long as ya can..10-30 minutes even (30 recommended if u are extra grimy or used wax)
then rince well

i follow this up with a strong vinagar rince ( usualy id do a weak apple cidar vinagar, but last month been doing a far stronger white vinagar, explained in a few)
for a weak acv id add just a splash, maybe a capfull or 2 to the same gallon size pitcher for a strong version id use a cup or more of white vinagar, to this i add a big ol glob of cocoa butter (extra conditioning) and the same oils used in the wash, this i only leave soak a few minutes..2-5..then rince well

before i get into modifications let me 1st tell you the experience from this 1 wash from grimy to glorious
before washing, scalp was crusty, hard chunks, itchy crap just gross
within seconds of pouring the baking soda mix on, all that crusty crap seemed to melt into a smooth creamy like substance all the dry flaky skin loosened up and almost liquified
it tingles a good bit as it works but it works wonders
with absolutely no scrubbing all the grossness washes away.
and your left just feeling super clean your dreadlocks  so soft and cuddly, and actualy lighter feeling

modifications, and why ya might wanna use certain herbs

the original recipe i got this from called for 2 tablespoons lemon juice and 2 tablespoons sea salt
the sea salt odviosly helps young dreadlocks lock, the lemon juice, may or may not add to cleanning but i found it made em extra frizzy and fuzzy so i stopped using it
however.. lemon juice might add in breaking up wax and residue slightly, so, its worth experimenting

herbs oils and such to add

teatree obviously is an astringent which kills bacteria, it can help dandruff, but too much can dry hair and scalp (making flakes worse) so lil is better then alot.. it also repells bugs like lice.. it wont get rid of em once ya got em, but, steady use almost guarantees ya never will

rosemary excelent for dandruff, add the oil to washes and rinces, or, make a tea to spray on scalp and leave in

lavander suposed to kill mold spores when used in white vinagar (1 cup white vinagar to 1/3 cup water, 30 or so drops lavander, leave in to soak all week) i just use it as a safegard to make sure molds never an it smells so nice with the other herbs

thyme as oil added to the mix helps regulate oiliness, as a tea spray on scalp leave to soak, your scalp wil;l begin to produce less oils.

orange or grapefruite oil ive never used either, but, orange oil dissolves even industrial adhesives, glues, tars caulks tape adhesives and the like. the citric acid in either theoreticly should safely dissolve some wax buildup

ok, so most of ya are aware wax contributes to grime buildup and was is very hard to get out if not nearly impossible
so i think with a superclean dread thread id really be dropping the ball if i did'nt try to clean up wax too, so, here goes my recomendations for wax removal

if your in the 1st weeks of dreading and used wax.. it is absolutely best to comb out dewax and start over, ya only lose a couple weeks and gain many years of longevity
but if your months or years in
thrres 3 basic ways to get wax out

excessive heat.. be very careful with this, you want to dip each dread into very hot water, careful to not drip any on you or touch it (recommend thick rubber gloves) let the dread soak in the near biolingwater a few minutes to bring the wax above melting temp, then squeeze the dread from root to tip pulling out the gunky waxy water.
you may be surprised how much comes out, but at best your probly only gonna get 60% , luiquid wag will only come out if theres enough to wring out, still leaving the individual hairs coated in it

emulsifying this requires a hell of alotta soap, and alotta scrubbing, i hear dawn dish soap recommended often.. you might go through several bottles and hours of scrubbing to get most out
again, you probly wont get it all

and finaly dissolving, using citric acid oils as stated above

between the 3 methods, many repeatted attempts and a hell of alotta agressive work you can get most out. probably still not all, but enough to make them feel sooo much better softer less stiff and sticky, and hopefully enough to prevent all the future problems wax can cause.

even if you used wax only sparingly only a few times and beleve you have none in there now i recommend you do all 3 steps to be sure, ive heard several times of people only using wax twice in the 1st weeks of dreading only to find wax still at the core of theyre dreads years later.

(sorry all i know most here have'nt used wax, but there will come plenty who have i just want to provide info for all to have super clean super soft cuddly dreads)

mine feel soooooo good right now

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I've read of people doing it that way, I like to just sit and relax in the tub while I wait, good excuse to chill for awhile.
Jakob Skogh said:

Having a question... I feel like really dumb/uncomfortable just sitting there and waiting for the BS to soak in. Can i put the BS-wash in my hair, let it soak for like one-two minutes, and then put my hair up in a towel for 10-30 minutes instead? Or does the BS need to run through the hair for those 10-30 minutes?

How do i make this. sry i cudnt read that much im in rush bout to leave. so

I have water LOL. and baking soda (its powder). is there a liquid baking soda? im clueless -.-

thats all i have.

I dont know about the oils

no theres no loiqiud baking sodatheres a baking powder wich isnt baking soda but baking soda is a powder to

mix 1-2 tables[oons in a cup of wter pour i[=on soak then rinse

if you read it it tells you what to do

Ok let me get this right. I make em two table spoons of baking soda. And cup of water mix them. Right? Ok den that's it I go to bath and just rinse first den drop the baking soda mix off mi head and leave it there for 10-30mims right? Den rinse? And tadaaa done?

yea but because the bs starts to break down imediately  i  put the bs in the container  and dont add water till mt hairs wet and im reasdy to pour it on..

u also should do the acv rinse acfter the bs

and the measurements arent exact theres more xact measurements in 1 titled bakimg soda and sea salt ratios in featured discussions

im pretty confuse.

make it simple for me. sry T_T

so I just need baking soda + water = as a shampoo right. 2table spoon of baking soda in 1 cup. ( im going to put it on a water bottle so i cud just squirt it around).

when im in the bathroom i go rinse my hair den apply the shampoo which is (the baking soda i just mixed) right? then rinse it again with water.?

no its not a shampoo its a soak you mix it pour it on then leave it on 10 minutes then rinse

and like i said  mix the water with the bs right before using it and use it all

and theres more exact measurements in the other discussion

ok will this work for black people because im black

yes but you will defibately want to uwe the acv and maybe add a lil something else loike aloe or jojobasince yiur hair tends to be too dry\

What is the best place to obtain all of these natural oil extracts ? cocoa butter? I am new to the dread  world and I am seeking some advice! I do not want my full head to be dreaded, I want a few because I also want my regular wavy hair to show but I want to have the random locs so that I can decorate them :] I want them to happen trought a natural method. Any tips or suggestions? Many thanks!

Is there anything i can use to sub for the rosemary? Its a little expensive for the size of bottle,

Should i have used the cocoa butter with the jojoba oil in it? It maid my dreads very oil.

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