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1-3 months

1st, 2nd, and 3rd month. 100% neglect/freeform.
19 hours ago

Okay so i just started out and i wanted to show you what they look like.. they're  a real mess. Really dry, loose, and pretty much one big frizz ball. I want to know if this is normal?

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how did u start

they look lil stiff and extra frizzbally

tho its normal to be a mess and as bu=it dry

and some frizziness  and looseness is normal

i backcombed but my hair has always been dry and frizzy as it is and now its just worse

It's normal.  As your hair and scalp get used to the washing regiment,  It'll tone down on the dryness a bit.  They definitely look back combed.  But it's normal.  the ones I back combed looked just like that in the beginning.  Now you can't even tell the difference between the ones I back combed, TnRed or just formed naturally.  Give them time.

And Eagle, I can't believe you missed them...  Take those bands off the tips of your hair.  bands restrict movement.  You want your hair to be able to move around freely.  As they do, they'll pull in a ton of those loose hairs.  If you keep them confined in bands, the loose hairs will have little to no place to go, and will stay loose and frizzy

Yeah i know, the bands. I put them in thismorning cause i was having a moment. I took them out already.

Also, do you see how thin they are? Is that okay? I didnt want them that thin but my hair is just thinner on the bottom layers than up top. I dont want them to break off.

One more question, im just trying to get the most help possible.. I got the gel from and im wondering should i routinely use that???

I see that some are thinner.  I have a few like that.  Nothing to worry about.  If anything, they fill in gaps and add to the layering effect.  

As for the gel.  I've been using it on and off for about 2 months.  1 jar lasted me that long.  Just take a little bit and lightly palm roll it into your lock.  I start at the root and work my way down.  Then take 3 fingers and rub my lock back up to the root to make sure it's in there.  Then back down to flatten out the fizzies I just made.  

Maybe use it 1 to 2 times a week.  It all comes out as soon as you wash it anyway.  that's what's nice about it.  depending on your hair length, it should last about a month or 2

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