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Hi Everyone im new here. My name is Andre. I've had my dreads for 8 yrs. I started out getting them twisted at salons. And goin 5 to 6 months without getting them done. I did that on and off for yrs. I had breakage and I lost some in the back. I dont wash them as often as I should. But since december I've been getting them latched. And wash them more. I feel like my hair has been the same length for 3 or 4 yrs. They are a little past shoulder length on the sides. And really short in the back. Like not even past my neck. Is there anyhing I can do to make them grow evenly? Or make the back grow faster? I've been so frustrated and contemplating on cutting them and starting over.

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stop everything your doing

stop latching stop twistinjg ..wasgh more often never ever ever go to a salon

post up close detailed pictures we need to see how badly these salons screwed u

u may need herbal  r-trweatmebts to over come tractiopmn alopecia

all you should do is wash and seperate

maybe take biotin to stimulate growth

 and every thing the salons tio]old u is wromg

wash 2-3 times a week

had u used wax in the past too/

we need every detail

I used wax a long time ago. It caused build up. The lady that latched my hair washed it enough to get the build up out. So ur saying dont twist/latch. Just wash and seperate. Just let it grow out? Where can I get these products? Dont have much pics yet but I'll post them soon.

You don't need any products.  all you need is soap and patience.  Dr. Bronners is good for soft water. is good for all water.  Baking soda/apple cider vinegar is good for all water.  That's all you need.  latching is like crocheting.  It destroys the integrity of you locks.  Wax does not get washed out in a couple of washes.  It needs speical soap made for tough grease.  Like Dawn dish soap.  Dreadlockshampoo came out with a wax remover.  So that's an option too.  It takes many sessions and months to get it all out.  But normal soap will not do the trick.  

Yes.  Just let it gorw and separate as needed.  You don't even want to separate all the way to the scalp.  If skin is showing between locks, that is unhealthy.  

Thanks a lot. I'll try those methods. Wow so that must be the reason why my hair is the same length. I remember I went months without doing anything to it. Thats when it was growing. I've been getting it dont almost every other month and it hasnt grown much. Cause the lady say oh u need to get it done once per month or somethng like that. She says if u leave it it can cause breakage to your scalp. Im goin to just wash and seperate for awhile. Save tons of money and see what happens. Thanks a lot.Oh and I did see somebody with dreads in NY and they had a lot of new growth. But their locks were really long.  

When they mature you see a lot of growth,  As they are maturing they tend to shrink a ton.  Like 1/3 to 1/2 their original length.  If they don't shrink, it means they are not tangling, which means they are not locking.

if you dont get them done they will break? its just the oposite

thats me art 18 years now im at 22 years

i hasve never done a thing to mine

just wash and seperate thats it

if you latch and twist  then they break cause your putting a ton of strain on the roots

if u do strain..they just grow

now if u mean long new growth  like

only photo i could fined srry

his dreads are 40 years old 14 feet long but has kinda long new growth due to age and probly how he washes etc

typicaly in caucasu=ians  the new growth gets several inches b4 it dreads in avrican hair its way shi[orter under aninch is normal

but that new growth belongs there to protect the scalp from skin cancer

salons make u believe every hair must be pulled in super tight with wide gaps of scalp showing to be "tidy" byt thats actualy the early signs of traction alopecia ..and balsing

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