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Hey guys.. its been awhile since I've been on this site but I wanted to come back and show some pictures of how my hair looked during and after combing my dreads out. I started little by little and it actually was a process that ended up taking me about 4 months (but mostly only because I liked how they looked halfway in).. I went slow but to comb out one dread it took about two hours, sometimes longer. I used a regular comb... well actually a whole bunch because they kept breaking.. but I would use just the end of the comb.. most of the time I didnt even have to use conditioner.. just picked and picked. Afterwards you can see my hair was all multi colored due to dying it with the dreads in.. but oh well. Very possible to comb dreads out just takes a long time and my hand would hurt terrible.. fingers would go numb etc. Oh and as you can see, I had another baby :)

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Hair today... 5 months later.. pretty healthy looking I think :) Hope this helps people. I was nervous to get dreads in the first place because i couldnt find any pictures of people who had combed their dreads out.

WOw it looks great! What made you want to comb them out?

Didnt know you could comb them out, everyone I know cut theirs.  Maybe you have to cut them when you have african american hair.

wow! well, its nice to know its definitely possible. i don't think i'd have the patience to comb out though. i would probably shave my head:) 

I dont really know why I combed them out.. at first I was just sick of my hair being so short.. the dreads made my hair go up above my shoulders.. so I combed out the bottoms to make it long again.. then like I said, I kept the dreads half way in for months. But I dunno.. I do miss the dreads sometimes and maybe I will start them again but for now I am liking having my regular hair back.  And as for everyone having to cut their dreads out.. maybe they used wax? Who knows.. you should see the amount of dead hair that would fall out while I combed them though.. it was insane..

u shoulda let em grow  you will dread again im sure but u gotta be patient nd let em grow

they woulda been long again in a year

Yea probably so.. but there were spots in the back that really looked bad. Empty spaces where dreads should have been. If I do them again next time they will look alot nicer.

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