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soooo iv had my dreads for about 2 ys now and a few of them are really hard and i always wondered why...i finally cut into them to find this..

just wanted to show anyone who is thinking about using wax...



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ewww wow

i would try the wax b gone  from id use it several times


well its hard to see how deep u cut  but yea ofcourse cutting into the dreads going to cut alotta hairs  its probably no mor harmful then crocheting that section  tho.. your dreads pretty damn fat so its not likely to make it break or anything

the thickness of them doesnt help that makes it extra hard to get out

Wow. How long were you using the wax for? Man, that's crazy. It's too bad that these wax horror stories won't even change many people's minds about using wax, cos they tend to assume those people just used too much, but...all wax is hard to get out, so you'll still be stuck with it. But yeah, try the wax removal thing definitely, there was someone who made a discussion testing it out on beeswax (I think) and it worked well, so that'd be your best shot.

aw man bad luck , u had some great locks too such a shame ,

You could also try Vitamin C tablets crushed up and mixed with a little hot water, when it mixed it should be the consistency of a thin jelly. put it all over, with a plastic bag on top and sit in the sun for about an hour. This mixture will remove any kind of mineral build-up (well water, chlorine pool water, etc). I've not tried it for wax removal, but it's totally worth a try. Your locks are super thick though so I'd maybe leave it on longer then an hour.

the wax remover will help beeswax is extra hard to remove and it got it out in like 3 or 4 aapplications sincxe yours seems kinda thick and heavy buildup it probly could use a dozen applications to be extra sure u gert it

How long did you use wax? I heard asked once before me.



yea i deff am not going to cut it off.

i used not even half a pinch on each dread and i used 4 mayb about 2 weeks and after that id always use the mango n lime gel all the time on it

probly a combo of both i think that gel might contain wax too but ive definateky seen it build up

we had 1 join whos dreadrs looked white  like they were going grey but it was all buildup of 1 wax use then years of the mango lime stuff

can u afford the wax b gone? if not let me know i'll get it for ya i think that and the soap then do a anti residue we should be able to get it all

nicole hernandez said:

yea i deff am not going to cut it off.

i used not even half a pinch on each dread and i used 4 mayb about 2 weeks and after that id always use the mango n lime gel all the time on it

Can you take more clear pics? I'm really curious as to what the inside looks like.

i have to say, i'm usually not into phat locks, but yours look awesome.

Best of luck cleaning them up!

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