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three years and two months

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Perming hair whilst I have dreads

Hi guys I'm new here and just a question about perming my hair whilst I had dreads Ive been growing…See More
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locticians using traction alopecia as an advertisment

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my dandruff is horrible right now :s
its like just a dusting of white dandruff all over my scalp. and sometimes i cant stop scratching it, like i did it constantly when it was wet and i woke up half asleep and just scratched my hair for a while :s

i use baking soda in my hair in the shower and tee tree oil...thats it

i mean is there nothing i can do to at least manage the dandruff? i feel like my dandruff must be dreading into my hair, which is kind of gross :s

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add rosemary use alot more rosemary then teatree (1/3 as much teatree as rosemary) do the acv after rince with same oils and a cold rince after thatrr
bs will dry the scalp throwing off the ph unless u fiollow with acv or something elsde acidic like lemon juice
acv is best as it degreases too
How often are you shampooing? I find that although everybody here is great with suggestions for oils, etc. they neglect to ask this question. If you aren't washing enough you will have itching and flakes seem to follow. I also find that tea tree is very drying and can sometimes cause the scalp to flake more than it would without it. I have one area on my scalp (near the bottom of my neck) that itches alot and nowhere else...rather than put something all over my hair and effect the entire head and scalp, I spot treat the area by dabbing it with a cotton ball dipped in peppermint oil. What kind of climate do you live in? That can also cause you to feel itchy. Is it hot and you are sweating..or cold and dry where your scalp is subjected to changing temperatures as you go from outdoors (cold) to indoors (with heaters)? This "dandruff" you are talking about is skin that is a normal by product of a healthy just may be excessive at the moment because you aren't cleansing it away often enough or applying what the scalp needs to react normally. True dandruff is usually found on oily hair and, if you have dry scalp it needs different treatment.
thanks everyone... i will try and find some rosemary to use in my hair, but what's avc stand for???

panterra, i like your idea of spot treating dandruff! i never thought of that before. i live in canada and it's suddenly gotten a lot colder, so that could be causing my dandruff to get worse, i wash my hair 2-3 times a week which is how i've been washing it sense before dreads (although i've constantly had to fight my dandruff, everyone on my dads side has a dandruff problem... ;c )
Yeah I had that problem for a while, but I noticed that if I gently rub the baking soda rinse into my scalp with finger/nail while it soaks, and also while I rinse, it reaaallly helps break up that substance build up.

but I use like, 15 drops of lavender a wash. I haven't found a problem, but lavender seems to be a pretty delicate oil compared to tea tree, peppermint etc.

Chewin Change said:
umm baking soda definitely leaves a white caked substance on the scalp and i've brought it up before but i was sick of people acting like i was nuts so i stopped bringing it up.

its better to alternate with quality non-residue shampoos.

stay away from more than 1 or 2 drops of each oils per wash. it's counter productive and they build up especially if you use baking soda.
maybe it's the ACV that helps me out, because I love using it, too.

but I use warm water for the BS and warm for the ACV. I just do a quick rinse of wicked cold water right before I get out.

could be just different scalps not adjusting well...I stopped using shampoo for a few weeks before I started dreading, and I used Dr. Bronners (but I wasn't diluting it well enough at all, so I looked like a greasy weirdo.) I had people asking me all the time "dude why is ur hair so wet"

so, who knows. JMHO

Maxe said:
I totally agree with Chewin...see it a bit too much with the BS being described as the holy grail or something, when in fact it seems to leave a "nice" layer of white mud on your scalp.

That might come from me doing it wrong though....maybe BS ONLY works with cold water + ACV rinse afterwards or something? Then that should be clearly mentioned each time BS is mentioned :P
I had really BAD dandruff, I tried the rosemary and tea tree and both did nothing for my problem tried peppermint oil and it was like magic. I don't even have to use it at every wash now!
since noticeable dandruff is caused by a imbalance in your natural skin bacteria/fungus culture, you might want to consider tested dandruff shampoo.

dandruff itself can not be cured, but the noticeable shedding can go away if treated properly.


btw! make sure if it really is dandruff and not ezcema or something alike.

BTW...the white muddy build up you keep referring too is not from the B/S per is your dead skin, and that is why it has a funky smell! "Dandruff", unless it is accompanied by greasy, oily hair is usually a buildup of scalp cells...and that white gunk you keep mentioning is the same thing. If you don't brush your hair or stimulate your scalp you will have gunk. The reason that this "gunk" is better or worst or more/less noticeable is that some products cause the scalp to shead more or less. B/S, being an exfoliant will cause more gunk...because an exfoliant encourages skin to come off. So, if you use something else, like Bronners you will still see gunk...just not as much. How bad this gunk is depends on is your dead skin! Lol :)
Chewin Change said:
Personally I don't think I had dandruff but it was buildup of some sort. A muddy buildup that just smelled funky. I think if people use baking soda they should use minimal amounts of it (diluted) because there HAS to be some sort of "grains" if you will that stay behind. Have you ever let a little bit of the solution dry in a container? When it dries, it dries in tons of little granules but also a few bigger granules, which makes me wonder.
okay, so it doesn't seem to be dandruff because my hair isn't oily. it must be the bs plus dead skin i'd get anyway...... so im wondering, do you alll have this white stuff in your hair? is there just not much to do about it, just try to keep it to a minimal?
i dont have the dandys yet but i am itchy. i use teetree and a lavender oil that is already premixed. it seems to work well not tried peppermint or bs yet. sea salt and oil. and clarifying shampoo. i am hopin it keeps goin well only in for about 2 weeks though.
ill start up BS in a couple weeks or so when my head is cleared...

i used apple cider viniger and tee tree oil today and it SEEMS as though its helped. its not all gone but i think it looks a lot better than before - and its definetly not itchy! :) ah thanks guys :)
If all else fails just use T-Gel once and awhile. Helped me.

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