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crafty crafters
Sine Marie loved taye's photo
23 minutes ago
Lauren Maxwell commented on ☮ soaring eagle ॐ's group reformed freeformers
"My hair is about 5 inches long only the ends are locked. How long will I take to truly lock?"
51 minutes ago

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"Love your hair! I would love to get the book, is it available for those who have a nook reader?"
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Quick shrink?

Like one shower and WHOOP! Short! When I had to tie my hair back for lab I noticed that my ponytail…See More
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Lauren Maxwell replied to mummy-lou's discussion dying my dreads with a permenant hair colour
"Hello, When I got dreadlocks about 4 months ago my hair was already colored and highlight. I have…"
3 hours ago

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Sarah posted a blog post

Holy Frizz!!

Immediately after I started neglecting my hair, it separated itself into sections where I could see…See More
4 hours ago
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How i feel about manicured locs vs freeform locs

"I like your video, you should post a video showing your hair. Peace."
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Ok so I just received my dreadlocks bar shampoo (Tea tree and rosemary). I just read from Raging…See More
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mummy-lou said
"posted a vid with no background my hair is 3 months (natural) not realy sure how I feel or how things are going. opinions appreciated x"
8 hours ago

crafty crafters
mummy-lou posted a video
8 hours ago

Hello to everyone :)

First a BIG THANK YOU to Soaring Eagle and this community for helping guide me from my waxy salon dreads to my now wax-free natural ones. I am on my first week wax-free. I wanted to post a bit about my journey, including photos which I hope you can see.

The first photo is what they looked like waxy. Twisted and sticky. I was smiling here, sure - but I felt really really gross and unnatural with my hair all waxed and gross.

Then on the 2nd day of having waxy head hell, I soaked my head in a gallon of distilled pure white vinegar, then washed them vigorously with dish soap several times. I got *most* of the wax out. I believe 80% of it. Wax is VERY HARD to get out. I cannot feel any of it in my hair anymore.

After de-waxing, my hair was a big mess, but was already starting to dread, and I continued to help it along for the first couple days by making sure they were not dreading together, etc. I have long fine straight hair. They had a head start from the salon's vigorous back-combing, so the dreads were still partially intact after de-waxing. I have a lot of loose hair and natural chaos going on, but it is getting there. I am very happy.

I now have washed them for the first time with the Bucks County Just 4 Dreads Shampoo, which you can find on this site. The last 2 photos are what my dreads look like now:

they are on their way. NO MORE WAX. WAX IS AWFUL!!!!

Tags: baby, dewax, long, natural, new, recovered, salon, shampoo, straight, vinegar, More…wash, washing, wax

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dreads take time  they always start out thin and thicken up

u got to see ther big picture

and send the kit back and get a refunbd

you wont itch if u dont use all that crap

get the teatree rosemary bar from and the wax remover thats all u need

or u can comb em out and start over when u m=know the wax is gone

the teaas are useless and way way way over priced arent they like 4 bucks for 1 teabag?

all you ever needed was ..soap

thats all

now u can join the dread kit victims group thast i added last week

you should have asked ppl here about the kits b4 u wasted all that money

and read outr free dread kit page

dreads dont come from a box

thry come from living outside the box


and look at hummingbird love gorrillas pics  and karma janes and what about naturelovers big ol fatties


thanks for the help

but i'm not a victim by any means  , i'm totally in control

prob won't use wax like i said now  prob just gonna let my hair knot up since it's already sectioned

 i had 3 month old natural dreads and didn't like them so i took them out and waited a few months and put these in  1 1/2" x 1 1/2" sections

if you want thick dreads just dont seperate em as much andu wil get thick dreads

but like i said thick dreads are extra hard to care for\

you will have to wash way less

you will have to be extra careful about drying

swimming all thge time would be out of the questin so would living somewhere like oregon that rains moree often then not

this is my best friend

let me tell ya the story of her dreads

she wanted dreads  badly and after we met she asked like 500 ppl to help her dread

then we went to a rainbow gathering (same way my dreads started) but while there she asked dozens to help her dread all said yes but none got around to it..after 2 weeks in thye woods she had 4 or 5 scraggly dreads

she did have 5 or 6 ppl each start 1 dread each  just for the memory of it..grandpa woodstock rubbed a rock on her head then rolled it it wa ty=he woodstock rock and roll method..haha anyway she had like 12 scraggly thin weak looking dreads and alot of waist length hair a month later had like 40 or so they gobbled eachother up and now shes got 18 fatties

and like me all she did was spend a few weeks in the woods

you wasted 150 dollars on crap thats going in the trash hows that not a victim?

your natural dreads would have ti[urned out way way better if u gave em time

Find more videos like this on dreadlocks forums

se how scraggly his were at 3 months and how fat they are now?

1 1/2  is going to be too big

if 2 congo your in trouble

u cant always avoid congos

Dusty Ray Jaco said:

thanks for the help

but i'm not a victim by any means  , i'm totally in control

prob won't use wax like i said now  prob just gonna let my hair knot up since it's already sectioned

 i had 3 month old natural dreads and didn't like them so i took them out and waited a few months and put these in  1 1/2" x 1 1/2" sections

woah those dreads are pretty awesome   idk if i want mine that thick but those are really nice

well i can make one fifty in one night      i just have to wait for nature to take cycles of life         besides i'll still use the shampoo for a while  i'll try em out      i washed my hair with dreadhead hq soap before i redreaded my hair and my straight hair  knotted up all over just within 24 hours, i had to struggle to get it all comed out

Wow!  That video is great!  I love seeing the evolution of 1 year all at once and it really puts perspective on the process.

yours will be thicker if u keep the 1 1/2 inch sections the biggest u should go is 1 inch

 a 1 inch dreads pretty damn fat

and dreadheadhq shampoo will fry your hair and scalp  and can cause  balding even..its very harsh  chemicals

well if you dont mind wasting 150 on craop u dont need why aere yu reluctant to spend 12 that will save yoir dreads from the wax? but really since your just 4 days in your best bet is to comb em out   and start over wax free  ..naturally or not burt with 1 inch max sections

We Love You from Jonathan Kalafer on Vimeo.

this is the "dread kit" me and chevy used u will see a  hell of alotta dreads in this and all the gathering vids

they all look awesome abnd i guarantee that  at least 99% are neglect..just happened from being there

no expence no products just wind rain ..and a irie vibe

The way to look at the conflicting opinions you've read about is to see it like this: a website made by a guy selling products to people versus a social networking kind of website designed to be an online community for people with dreads to share advice and help and support. No products being pushed here, nor any money to be made from telling people not to use wax. So what's the more reliable website? No-one here has any agenda or anything to personally gain from telling people not to use wax. Not to mention, SE has had his dreads for over 20 years, and his are completely natural. If you meet a person with nice, healthy-looking dreads who's had them for 20 years and used wax, then wax can be re-considered, but til then, that's all the evidence you need to show that hair can dread and stay dreaded.

Also, yeah a lot of the people giving advice are not very long into the dreading process themselves, myself included, but that doesn't mean anything. You don't have to have mature dreads that you, as an individual, think look good to have knowledge on the topic. I've learned a huge amount of info during the nine months of dreading just by being on this site, and since many members here started out using harmful methods, they actually have the personal experience that other people on here will not have.

They look so great now!

I hung out with a chick the over the weekend who used wax and she said the wax got all over everything.  she showed me a picture of some guy with 'dreads' here and he uses wax.  dude his hair looked like hard spider legs, it just didn't look normal, really like spiky spider legs.  it totally threw me off wanting my dreads to be waxy.

this chick tells me it's  not okay to scratch my scalp with a pic to just leave it alone which is nearly impossible  she also told me not to wash my hair for like a month or a week, and i've read what ppl say on here about all that.   but do you think scratching my scalp will loosen the locking process

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