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I got caught in the local park with "illegal substances" and now have to spend the next 2 years taking random drug tests through a program that is only in my state I don't have a phone, they call my parents house (they live across the street) and let me know when I have one it is $23 for each test..if I don't show up for a test they put out a warrant for my arrest and I was told by my free lawyer that if a screen came up dirty, they would try and put me away for a year :( if I go out of this state (I want to go to the rainbow gathering this year and just wonder in general) and I get called for one and my parents got a hold of me then i would have to go to the nearest health dept. or hospital and pay 70 bucks for a test and have it sent which means no matter what I do i have to carry a extra 100 for a cab and drug test this would be very unpleasant if i was in the middle of the woods i don't know what to do :(:( I feel so caged idk what i'm asking here really siiiigggghhh anyone else have to deal with this shit??  

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Salvia divinorum is a different high, mildly hallucinogenic, quite fun if you do it right. And legal. You can purchase it in most smoke shops. Give it a try if you're interested.

It's also significantly safer than spice. That shit will fuck you up.

Salvia is only legal in some states now.  And It's not even close to a weed high.  It's more intense than any mushroom trip I have been on.  I would never recommend it to anyone.  It's something that you will try when you are ready and look into it yourself

That is interesting because I've heard more than a few people say that before. I've never touched anything but the pure real deal marijuana.

To the OP: So sorry that happened to you. It's disgusting that the powers that be think they can control what we do with OUR bodies like that. I will spend my life supporting legalization. I definitely think it will happen at some point. It might take awhile, but it will happen.

Naked Naturalist said:

thats me lol i cant smoke weed now because of spice. i smoked for 7 years. and because of one really bad trip on spice everytime i smoke weed it triggers panic attacks. i recently tried smoking weed again after half a year and had a panic attack instantly. i had to go outside and pour water on myself. my advice, stick to weed. spice is just BAD news.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ said:

its not at all hard to not smoke weed i smoke like 1 bowl  like 3-5 hits..every 3 months on average  its easy

that spice crap will be a massive mistake.. ive heard of ppl ending up in mental wards from that and i think 1 member here cant smoke pot now after smoking that crap now she has severe reactions to weed cause she tried fake weed one time only

salvias isnt a halucinagenisc at all its a delerient a totaly diferent class  delerients dont alter reality..they replace it you no longer see whats arou8nd you instead you see a whiole diferent scary reality this means you can walk out a window or swim in traffic or box a speediong freightrain without knowing what your doing its short lived compared to other delerients but delerients are a cklass of drug u never want to mess with unless your a traimned shaman!

others include deadly nightshade  dutura the most dangerouse drug there is which is a truip or die trying drug

most delerients have como0n names like devils.. deadly.. for a reason

they are not to be messed with

and salvia i would never touchj and ive eatten very high doses of lsd  but would never touch salvia (or any of the new research chems)

Salvia is the only one I'd touch.  But it's been so long since I have practiced shamanism that, I agree Eagle, I wouldn't do it again unless I started practicing again.  I have only had wonderful experiences.  I did it 3 times each one over a year apart.  It's something you need to spend time interpreting before you do it again.  I still haven't understood the last vision, so I don't plan on doing it again any time soon.  And as for swimming in traffic... I actually had an experience like that, I was outside and walked up to a busy street, but something in my mind would not let me go further than the curb.  It was like I was walking into an invisible brick wall.  But had I not been so lucky, I would have and could have stepped right into traffic.  

If I were to ever do it again, I would make sure to have a sitter with me.  Someone who would understand not to try and interact with me, but who would be there to make sure I wasn't endangering myself.  

I agree.  It is a shamanic substance and should only be used as such.  It's not something you do because "you can handle it".  I actually had a friend who said that.  He said he'd do it again, not because he liked it, or go anything from it, but because "he could handle it"  I was so mad at him for disrespecting It so much

A lot of people are scared of salvia and out of every drug I know of, more people have told me they have had terrible experiences with it (really terrifying trips).

But I've done it probably 5-6 times and never had a scary experience. It's beyond strange though and not very enjoyable... there isn't a high like with LSD or pot... just very strange feelings and very strange events that occur while in this other realm it takes you to. One time I was transported onto this farm where there was a family and everything was made of leaves. The people, the house, the ground, etc.

Another time, nothing physically changed. I was sitting in my bedroom and thinking that it didn't work for some reason. So I start talking to the other people in the room about how it didn't work...except there were no other people in the room (this didn't seem odd to me at the time). Then another me, dressed differently and with shorter hair comes into the room and starts yelling at me that I "need to go cook dinner NOW"

I was like FINE! All right! (still wondering why I wasn't tripping yet, lol)

It's very odd stuff.

whats worse is ther other 1 i mentioned (never mentioning it again dont wantto give anyone ideas) after u eat a few seeds you dont remember eating them.. and the strengtyh can vary so widely that 3 seeds might put u in a coma or kill you or 3000 might do nothing at all

so u can eat a few not know u ate any eat more  and die..or  if your lucky you are thrust into a hellish world with 50 foot tall people  and not remember taking anything to get there

it literaly takes 8 people to hold u down and keep you alive

you get so dehydrated your lips bleep

and literaly you might decide to fight a train  swim in trafic  or walk right off  a cliff not even knowing its there

then if you survi9ve the coma (this happened to 1 kid on another site) you might spend days or weeks trying to relearn to comunicate this jkid posted long long long gibberish discussions for 2 weeks  you could tell there was a pattern that should translate to words but it was like

"gurb slib spe espr unsd glub este unde unde glub sis lilo whoma whump else wolump wump" and thousands of words like that

then when he finaly was able to comunicate after his aunt had a 50,000 dolar hospitol bill and he nearly dieds he goes on telling other 13-15 year old kids "its not too bad i like it you should try it just be sure to eat alot so you dont waste it"

he didnt remember the hospitol..nearly dying or abnything

in fact my ex was fed some once ..she handled it better then abyone i ever heaerd of..but has been in a mental hospitol ever since

dont mess with deleriants!

i am going to close this though its dominated the front page too long and it should have been opened in a group..not the forums

if you think it needs more replies please reopen in a group and i'll add a link to its new location


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