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dread gurus
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MamaEmmelia replied to Coco Chloe's discussion Homeschool/unschool folks?
"Unschooling tendencies, that is. ;)"
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MamaEmmelia replied to Coco Chloe's discussion Homeschool/unschool folks?
"We are homeschoolers, & I was homeschooled as a child too. =) We do Charlotte Mason (how I was…"
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MamaEmmelia replied to MamaEmmelia's discussion Starting over; the shape of my locks.
"Also, just FYI...I have very fine hair. It's not thick, but not necessarily thin either. Just…"
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MamaEmmelia posted a discussion

Starting over; the shape of my locks.

Hey y'all! It's been a while! Just some quick history: I had a set of locks that lasted two years.…See More
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Dread Journal / Questions about Dread Health, Etc

First things first, a general thanks to everyone who contributes to the practical, unbiased and…See More
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Very mature dreads that always thin at the ends.

Hello,I'm hoping you lot might be able to help. I've had dreads for the last 20+ years, generally…See More
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7 hours ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to Callalala_KnOtTy...'s discussion Washing Dreads.
"u can use it as often as u want but long term it may weaken hair is…"
22 hours ago
chris replied to Callalala_KnOtTy...'s discussion Washing Dreads.
" thank you so much! how often should I do this as I begin "
22 hours ago
chris replied to Callalala_KnOtTy...'s discussion Washing Dreads.
"thank you Jesse, want to try it but didn't know the mix "
22 hours ago
chris replied to Callalala_KnOtTy...'s discussion Washing Dreads.
"what are some of the residue free shampoos. I am starting this natural dread journey tonight!!!!! I…"
22 hours ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to Callalala_KnOtTy...'s discussion Washing Dreads.
"1  part baking soda 10 parts warter add a few drops of any essentisl oils u want mix pour…"
22 hours ago

dread gurus
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"welcome i hope no wax or crochet was used"
22 hours ago

I got caught in the local park with "illegal substances" and now have to spend the next 2 years taking random drug tests through a program that is only in my state I don't have a phone, they call my parents house (they live across the street) and let me know when I have one it is $23 for each test..if I don't show up for a test they put out a warrant for my arrest and I was told by my free lawyer that if a screen came up dirty, they would try and put me away for a year :( if I go out of this state (I want to go to the rainbow gathering this year and just wonder in general) and I get called for one and my parents got a hold of me then i would have to go to the nearest health dept. or hospital and pay 70 bucks for a test and have it sent which means no matter what I do i have to carry a extra 100 for a cab and drug test this would be very unpleasant if i was in the middle of the woods i don't know what to do :(:( I feel so caged idk what i'm asking here really siiiigggghhh anyone else have to deal with this shit??  

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Sorry this has happened - I have no experience with this sort of thing but maybe you should invest in a cheap mobile phone so if you are in the woods they can call you. Maybe a friend has an old one they don't use. Get one of those utility type cases for it (the type that have a velcro back - I always use it for cash)- put $100 in there and then you have some piece of mind. Hope that helps some. 

I just got off probation for "a green leafy substance" (a gram)... I got caught March 2010, had court Aug 2010. $1027.80 fine. 1 year of probation, 6 random drug tests, drug class and an A&D Assessment. It was not fun but you gotta do what ya gotta do. i would have to go in every 2 weeks, pay $20 just to be there, and if they test me its another $20... i was surrounded by pill heads, crack heads and people asking themselves.. "im here for pot? really??" Just like I was every day.I would have to pee in front of this old creep (imagine a gay colonel sanders) into this cup and he would watch me THE WHOLE TIME. I tell him "I'm obviously not cheating or anything can you please look away?" and he wouldnt.

I finally got off last month. They gave me the drug tests rather quickly. At least one or two people were nice. Trust me i know what your going through, it SUCKS but you know... you gotta do what ya gotta do. The one thing i suggest is pay everything off as quickly as possible. Maybe ask your parents or a friend for a loan. Do you have a job?

just jump through the hoops and do what you gootta but talk to a rainbow lawyer at the gathering toio

yeah I have to pay $15 a month just to be on probation. I have no job but I'm getting one soon. They also told me I could do 8 days of community service to pay off the fine so I'm going to do that. I concerned about being able to get out of the forest in time for a test or what if I'm on a bus going or coming from somewhere and can't just hop off? also concerned about the phone dying there are no outlets to charge outside..this is a terrible feeling

move to Philly.  Lol.  Up to an 30 grams is a misdemeanor and a simple fine.  No courts, no probation, no anything.  Just a money order and you're free to go.  

For now, yeah, just jump through their hoops.  There's nothing you can do at this point.  But next time, smoke before you go out, or roll a joint that you can crush under foot really easily.  No bags to pull prints off of

i wish i could move somewhere but sadly won't be able to for another two years! 2 years with no mary-jane..really hard when your always around it. what do you guys know about "synthetic weed" obviously it's no good for you and i believe someone has actually died anyone know about them showing in drug tests?

No that "fake weed" stuff is just pure poison, it basically cuts off oxygen to your brain. Just like dreads, you gotta be patient. I know what you mean, it is hard when it is around but ya gotta be persistent.  There are other natural substances out there.. or a glass of wine.. or you can take this time to detox your body & mind so your not so stressed.

its not at all hard to not smoke weed i smoke like 1 bowl  like 3-5 hits..every 3 months on average  its easy

that spice crap will be a massive mistake.. ive heard of ppl ending up in mental wards from that and i think 1 member here cant smoke pot now after smoking that crap now she has severe reactions to weed cause she tried fake weed one time only

well stop it that shits no good   just stop its not worth it

I don't smoke at all anymore.  My girlfriend still does and all of my friends.  It's not hard to be around it if you set your mind to not smoking.  When the bowl is passed to you, just remind yourself what the consequences would be if you were to cave even for one hit

dont slow down..stop.. never touch it again

Rebecca said:

I've slowed down A LOT on smoking that shit and boyfriend and i are trying to quit doing it all together. after a year of smoking K4 everyday you notice that your health has completely gone to shit

u dont got to buy it you dont got to go there at all

boycott the station in fact tell the ownere how dangerouse the shit is and that you refuse to use that station as long as they continure to sell it


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