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Murray's beeswax is in all of my twist can it be washed out

Ok this sucks i really don't want to get into the details as i will only get upset again
i'm planning on washing my hair with baking soda as i did b4 but dont want my hair to mold up how do i go about drying it

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usw e the wax removers not bs  bs will not get wax out undiluted vinegar can  so can bioling carefully and scrubbing with lots and lots of dawn dish soaps but the wax removers ..knotty and nice and body splash  work best but hot now dump apple cider vinegar over your head soak long squeeze out then scrub with dawn and very hot water


why is it in there i thought u would know not to use it?


i didn't this is a long story but  will try to make it short my niece comes over every weekend to spend time with us shes young but like to play with my hair so i let her the other night i was sleep SN i'm a really heavy sleeper one time someone come through my window while i was sleeping TG it was family but bk to the story she went into the bathroom and got the wax my bro use for his waves and you know the rest i'm really at a lost i'm just going to take these out and start over  thanks for your help i took out a few the other day anyways Thanks again for your help

damn that sux

well u can let em dread naturally then

how far along were u

thank god only a few weeks it shouldn't take as long as the first time since she knows the method now

^Who knows what method?


And that sucks majorly.

my question exactly ..who knows what meth=od and why not use no method that nobody needs to know


I love that sentence so much. It's insanely lyrical... I might borrow that from you...

☮ soaring eagle ॐ said:

my question exactly ..who knows what meth=od and why not use no method that nobody needs to know


thats crazy...


i got murrays beeswax outta my hair by washing it using dish soap to loosen the wax... and then a second wash using mane n tail shampoo, which gets wat u loosened with the dish soap to come out...... by the third time you go to jump in the shower to get wax out ull notice your hair is lighter and fluffier, repeat the process anyway, and one more time after that to make sure its all out..... since ur twists are so young the wax should come out no problem...... the problem for you would be the twists completely coming out since u have to thoroughly wash at such an early stage..... but i would rather have that issue than the wax issue

Thanks guys :)

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