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My dread journey...... Started 24 April 2010 with twist'n'rip method.. then left to go natural..... have about 35 dreads in total... all different shapes and sizes as i just kinda grabbed sections......

2 years old 24 April 2012.....   As you can see throughout the timeline my dreads never really shrunk much, they have kinda remained the same length over the 2 years, but have definately become a lot chunkier and locked up, so hoping soon they will start to gain some length....

Have dyed and bleached them far too many times.... through the first year i crocheted in loose hairs, but haven´t done this in a long time and dont plan to again... the roots seem to lock up themselves

*UPDATE - wedding dreadstyle / experiment to comb out one dread at 2.5 years

**UPDATE - Almost 3 year old dreads January 2013. (they only started to finally seem to gain length the last 6 mths)

Hope you Enjoy :-)   any questions, feel free to send me a message :-)

before/during twist and rip.... hair looks a bit grey cuz i used lock pepper to make them stay.. they kept slipping straight out...

Day 1- Poser-fest.............

Two weeks in.....

One month......

2 months............

3 months..........

4 months...


10 months...

1.5 years (and a lot of bleach and ocean water and sun

2 years

Wedding Dreads (March 2012)

experiment 2.5 years (combed out one dread)

almost 3 years - Jan 2013

Tags: T'n'R, and, rip, timeline, twist

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they are looking great! awesome progression photos & plenty of them to give a great idea of what's happening. i love the reflection ones so you can see how the front  & back is lookin, clever you!

what program did you use to make the photo collages? 

oh i have that! perfect :) thanks

can't wait to see more photos, excited to see the changes! 

the very last melon said:

The program i used for the collages is Picasa. Free to download and very easy to use to edit pictures and make collages etc.....
My dreads are now 2 years old... almost, next week they will be :-) I never seemed to LOSE much length... but in 2 years they haven´t seemed to have GROWN much, i swear they are only a bit longer than when i made them.... but they are definately thicker and much more formed.... I´ll post a recent pic to the timeline to show what i mean....


wow! they look awesome!!!!

wow they do look awesome but why didnt u tell us you were getting married  we would have planned something special for ya

wel u gotta drop by more often then

hell some ppl never leave..

wow!  awesome dreads.  So beautiful.  thanks for the update!

So inspiring!!! Im only about 3 weeks in and really excited to see what happens, they looks alot like yours at 2 weeks, and seeing how well yours progressed so well makes me REALLY HAPPY!!! They look great, awesome job on the timeline too!

i looooove your dreads.... i want mine to turn out like this.... im on day 9.. please tell me what you

Wow they look amazing.

Freakin love your timeline!!! They look beautifull and gives me so much hope that mine will fatten a bit and mature like yours!! So pretty <3

I THINK  is the fastest timeline that i have seen....

So pretty!!!

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