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Here are some pictures of my current situation. I'm about 7 weeks into dreading via backcombing. Everything seems to be going fine except these two dreads in the front that always raise questions. They used to be one dread, but the root was so skewed that the dread would come loose because it hung down my face. So I had it combed out and backcombed into 2 smaller dreads. The roots have slowly come undone into what you see in the picture. There's at least 3-4 inches of undreaded root there. I find the clockwise rubbing method to not really do anything to any of my other dreads and tends to loosen up the roots and create strays. My question is: Should I do anything about the front dreads, or will they some how miraculously fix themselves? And if there is something to do about it, what, and how do I do it? I usually don't touch my hair unless I palm roll it and twist them a little. Then occasionally I crochet some stray hairs in as best I can. 

Any help is much appreciated!

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Don't worry about it, be patient. 7 weeks is really not a long time, and the roots are usually the last part to dread anyway. Not to mention, you'll always have a few inches of undreaded hair, no matter how long you have dreads for, because it just doesn't dread straight from the scalp. Also, I wouldn't bother with the clockwise rubbing, palm-rolling or crocheting if I were you. Palm rolling does nothing except make it look neater for a few minutes, it doesn't really have any long-term effects, nor does clockwise rubbing. Your hair will dread closer to the roots as time goes on, and I know it's hard to just wait and let it do its thing, because you don't see progress day-to-day, but trust me, the progress will be there. Just try to forget that you have hair for a couple of months, and I guarantee you'll be happier when you see the progress when you've stopped fretting about it for a while.

Okay first of all never crochet your dreads. Stop palmrolling stop rubbing stop doing anything to them. The roots will be loose for a long long time. Your only have seven weeks backcombing tends to loosen up over the first three months. It's normal to have 3 inches loose at the roots of tips for the first 8 to 13 months. Then I will take up about half an inch. Throw the crocheted away. All it does is break hairs, weaken dreads. Crochet is very horrible thing to do dreads

Root rubbing does nothing but rip out hairs.  What that does is make the lock weaker at the root, which is what you're probably seeing there.  

If you let them be, they'll fix themselves.  In fact, they will probably rejoin again in a congo making them stronger than individuals.  If you want to help it along, put a bead over the 2 of them to push them together.  But it unnecessary.  

Like she says you won't see progress day-to-day either week to week. So don't even look at it for a while.

Don't root flip.  What root flipping does is twist hairs together instead of tangling them together.  You are putting areas of tension on your locks that is unnecessary.  

Check out the dreaducation page and see how much root fipping damages your locks

you aere doing wayyyyyyy too much never ever ever ever crochet dreads at all never palm roll or twist never root run=b

just leave them alone give thenmm time

you are 7 weels in and already doinf=g severe harm they have to be neglected to dread  do nothing but wash seperate and thats all

sdefinately do not root fliop root flip ping is really bad idea

Stephanie Rodriguez said:

What do you guys think about root flipping in his situation??? I started all my dreads as a braid to avoid this... and I root flip a tiny bit but still leave like 2 " of root... (not too tight) then again IDK if that would work on dreads as small as his :/ 

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